10 Carnival Foods that Will Make You Rethink Your Diet

Carnivals are all about crazy parades, fair games (that are far from fair), and tons of things to buy –including ridiculous food creations. As a warning, these foods will probably induce slowing of the heart, clogging of the arteries, and heavy perspiration due to the outrageous manhandling these snacks require. But regardless, pick your favourites, as we all like to occasionally indulge in a little grease, and look out for these common carnival snacks.

1. Deep Fried Butter Balls

Golf ball sized balls of whipped butter that are covered in a sweet dough, deep fried to buttery perfection. Unfortunately no one will be yelling “FORE!” to give you a heads up of what consequences this snack might bring.


2. Elvis Donut

Take your typical glazed donut, cover it in peanut butter, sliced bananas and bacon bits, and you have yourself the ‘Elvis’ Donut. This is definitely a donut Elvis, or anyone else for that matter would have loved. Despite the weird combination of ingredients, this donut is actually far from as unhealthy as other carnival concoctions. Thanks to peanut butter and bananas, the only part of the donut that is actually bad for you is the donut itself. But maybe if we tell ourselves that enough times, it’ll actually be true.


3. Ice Cream Cheeseburger

This is definitely not something you can pick up the next time you go to a burger joint. The Ice Cream Cheeseburger is a rare and occasional sight many seek to find. Usually seen amidst the crowds of sweaty and hungry carnival-goers, The Ice Cream Cheeseburger is a delectable treat for the hot summer night. When spotted, one may expect to see a bacon cheeseburger, topped with a whopping scoop of deep fried ice cream covered in corn flake battering and cinnamon. Certainly, an extraordinary delight.


4. Zucchini Weenie

Sounds silly, but this weenie is as serious as weenies get. The Zucchini Weenie is a hotdog, stuffed inside a zucchini that is then battered and deep fried. This phenomenon isn’t really why there’s a hot dog inside a zucchini, but how

zucchini weenie

5. Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich

Two donuts sandwiching a chicken breast, drizzled with honey? Basically chicken and waffles. Just don’t expect any mothers to be packing this one for lunch.


6. Deep fried Cola

This treat completely defies all rules of science, but it works. Fried cola is actually Coca-Cola flavoured batter, deep fried and topped with cola syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar, with a cherry on top. Is there anything you CAN’T deep fry?


7. Deep fried Twinkies

Nope, there isn’t anything you can’t deep fry. Batter up these delicious Twinkie babies and deep fry them until they’re good enough to be sent to Twinkie University. This treat is as common as squirrels in a forest, you will definitely be able to find them at any carnival.

deep fried twinkie

8. Deep-Fried Oreos

Hey batter, batter, batter, hey. Calling all sweet tooths out there, this sweetie is as if the person you hate most had a baby with the person you love most. Filled with our favourite, cholesterol, the deep-fried Oreo consists of Oreos (obviously), dipped in a pancake batter and deep-fried to supremacy.


9. Chocolate-covered bacon

This dish sounds like the perfect snack for a girl going through the hardships of a period. Bacon and chocolate?! How can you say no? Cooked bacon with a coating of milk or dark chocolate, often topped with sea salt, crumbled pistachio, or almond bits, this is something every meat loving girl should do their research on.


10. Hot Beef Sundae

This is far from the typical sundae you find at DQ. Picture this instead, a big bowl of marinated beef tips topped with a scoop of mashed potatoes, covered in beef gravy, a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, all topped with a cherry tomato. It’s the literal version of dessert for dinner!

beef sundae


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