10 Entertaining Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

10 Most Entertaining Instagram Accounts

We all know it. And while not all of us know the theory behind the madness of Instagram, it has become one of the most popular (and time-consuming) social media platforms out there. Need outfit inspiration? Instagram. Need to know what Kim K is doing? Instagram. Regardless of if you are there for the show or if you live for that orange notification, Instagram is a realm with much to discover. We took it upon ourselves to find some of the most entertaining and cool Instagram accounts out there. Now keep in mind that we are not saying these are the best of the best, we just thing they are funny, cool, and “omg I can’t believe you took that with your iPhone” worthy. It all begins at Disneyland…

1. @dilfs_of_disneyland

The title says it all. Someone came up with the clever idea to showcase DILFs with their adorable children at Disneyland. Afterall, who doesn’t like Disneyland #amiright?

2. @satiregram

Are you guilty of a gym selfie with weights placed strategically on the ground to show how much you can really lift? Satiregram has completely taken advantage of stereotypical Instagram photos and has turned them into something quite brilliant. Warning: do not expect to find any pretty faces here.

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3. @miserable_men

Call it a generalization or call it genes, women love to shop. unfortunately, the men (usually their SO) are stuck waiting for the women to do their thing. Are we sorry? Probably not. But this Instagram account has caught men in action while waiting for the woman in their lives to shop ’til he drops.


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4. @jeromejarre

If you don’t know who this smiley young man is by now, than maybe it’s time we catch you up. Jeromejarre is a Vine star gone Insta famous. This guy is not afraid to do anything for a laugh even if that includes taking a Vine front row at a Beyoncé concert and making her chuckle in the process. Yes, he has made Beyoncé laugh.

5. @cashcats

The internet (and its people) love cats. Did this phenomenon start with Grumpy Cat or nah? Regardless, this Instagram account will reveal the kitty cat hustlers of the world. Some of them have brass knuckles and some of them just want their Louis Vuitton.

6. @biddythehedgehog

Biddy is a 3-year-old African Pygmy Hedgehog who is taking on the world one selfie at a time. He’s been to some pretty cool places. Trust, by the end of your browsing, you will be jealous of this little guy.

7. @happsters

Happsters is here to give you a daily dose of inspiration. More specifically, happy inspiration. The next time you feel like you are coming down with the winter blues, these Instagram account may just be your saviour.

8. @croyable

This photographer is here to show you how incredibly beautiful everything is in his small world. The photos are breathtaking and if you are looking for some inspiration, you found it. Disclaimer: you will catch the travel bug.

9. @madewithmap

Speaking of travel, this Instagram account shares stories from around the world through photos. They will even give you the latitude and longitude coordinates of these hidden gems, so you can find out the exact location. It’s amazing what you can see without ever actually visiting.

Thumbs up to the crew at Legends. #tipsforjesus #godbless

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10. @tipsforjesus

This Instagram account goes from restaurant to restaurant leaving tips in the thousands. We are at a loss of words for this one…WOW.

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