10 Female Hand Lettering Artists On Instagram To Inspire You

Are you thinking of taking up hand lettering as a hobby, or perhaps even a career? It’s amazing how letters and type can be so easily converted into art. Not to be confused with typography, hand lettering is a form of art that is usually done with graphite pens, ink, or on the computer. Some illustrators, and professional hand lettering artists, make their living out of converting the simplest words into something miraculously beautiful. Just like with any type of artwork, the alignment, shape, and form of lettering is very crucial to making the artwork appealing.

We have chosen 10 female artists on Instagram to showcase. Despite what you may think, a lot of females are studying graphic design in school (as many as 70%), but in the working world, females only make up only 40% of graphic designers. Perhaps it is because females are less inclined to showcase their work? Or is there some other reason? We would really love to inspire more women to step up. Out of all the hand-lettering accounts on Instagram, perhaps only 1 in 10 was female.

We appreciate and admire these women for getting themselves to where they are now.

Take your type to appreciate this form of artwork. It may not be for you, but you gotta at least admire the time and effort put into each piece.

1. amandaarneill


2. caseyligon


3. EmmelyLaura


4. helenboggess


5. jacycorral


6. jasminedowling


7. jennetliaw


8. justhertypeph


9. kyligraphy


10. olgavasik


Who’s your favorite artist on Instagram?

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