10 Holiday Breakup Songs You Have Never Heard Of

10 Holiday Breakup Songs You Never Heard Of

As much as we love ourselves some Justin Beiber, Under the Mistletoe. Life happens and we end up being super lonely over the holidays. Don’t fret though, there’s a reason why you are single. So instead of listening to over-played Christmas songs we can laugh at these insanely depressing holiday breakup songs. These songs are so sad that it will cheer you up! Let’s be a Grinch this holiday season and play these songs at your next holiday gathering.

1. Its Christmas, Don’t Be So Sad by The Sunflower Spectacle

We’ll start off with a mellow song with a bit of an uplifting chorus. Sure life can be depressing after a break up but hey like the title suggests, “don’t be so sad”.

2. Christmas – The Posies

 3. Just a Sad Christmas by Grillade

A wonderful cover by Grillade from the 1969’s Soul Duo’s original sounds so good. This blues songs will make you forget that this song is about being sad during Christmas and forget that a breakup even occurred.

4. A Long December by Counting Crows

This old 90s fave is surprisingly catchy, and feeding our artistic/hipster video satisfaction. Nothing says the holidays like a dark forest and singing in front of a sketchy motel.

5. Christmas Alone by Current Swell

“This Christmas season’s only just begun” and we are already feeling the lonely feels. You plead that you don’t want to be alone during Christmas. But hey, we all can’t get what we want from Santa.

6. Christmas Ain’t Like Christmas Anymore by Kitty Wells

7. Did I make you cry on Christmas day? (Well, you deserved it) By Sufjan Stevens

Wow, talk about 50 shades of sadness. Sufjan sings about always disappointing his woman even though he does things deserving of her love. Instead working things out he writes us a song.

8. What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas by The Emotions

Damn, this song will make you feel real lonely. This songstress sees all these holiday events happening around her and all she wants is someone to spend the holidays with.

9. Winter Song by Sara Bareilles

A great mix of traditional holiday song with a wonderful melody. Sara is always known for her cheery-feel good songs, but its great to see this different side to her.

10. Lonely This Christmas by KT Tunstall

We are finishing off this list with a very sad and hurtful truth. No matter what, your SO has left and now you are left alone this holiday season.  It’s okay, you can treat yourself to something awesome! Honestly, giving and receiving is what the holiday season is all about and girl, you got that on #fleek!

What song did you like the most?


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  1. I take umbrage to number 4. That was a hit song when it was released. In fact I believe millions of people have heard of it.

  2. One you never heard of is one that Google cannot find in results.

    Snowman, what can I do now she’s gone?
    Do I still try to carry on? Alone?
    Say ‘What’s done is done.’
    You don’t care. I know.
    Cuz you melt to nothing at all with the sun.

    Name it.


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