10 Indications in Your Home that You’ve Domesticated

10 Indications in Your Home that You've Domesticated

Growing up is inevitable, and sometimes we get caught off guard by how quickly time flies. Have you ever caught yourself midthought only to tell yourself “well dang, I would have never thought of that 2 years ago”, yeah, we have. Our latest was wanting to buy drawer dividers to compartmentalise our dressors… When 2 years ago we’d be thinking of buying more clothes to stuff into our closets. Yup, you’ve domesticated.

1. The thought of coasters are omnipresent.

You lifted that mug of coffee and noticed a ring underneath it. “That ring could have been prevented through the use of a coaster,” you think to yourself. Stop. That thought in itself signifies that you’ve aged. Minor details like that show that you’re starting to care about your belongings more and more, as a helicopter host would too. Domesticated human? Check!

10 Indications in Your Home that You've Domesticated

2. Dirty dishes have a 48 hour lifespan.

Remember that tower of dirty dishes you’d have in your sink throughout the process of second year? And that you’d only wash one dish at a time whenever you ever needed a new one? Or what about the time you just left the dishes there and bought paper plates instead to avoid washing them all? Now you take 30 minutes out of each day or two to wash through all of your dishes so that the sink is empty for the next day.

3. Water stains are a very real thing.

So you splashed some water onto the counter while washing your face. It’ll evaporate and disappear, so what? There’ll just be water again when you wash your face all-over-again. But those rings that are created when the water evaporates, my god, they must be wiped down! So you wipe down all water spills regardless of how soon it’s going to be wet again. This is a definitive sign of domestication.

10 Indications in Your Home that You've Domesticated

4. Shoes don’t exist in the house.

For the people who wear shoes in and around their house? That’s a blasphemy. Who wants to get the floors that they just cleaned all dirty? So you’ll tell your guests to take off and leave their shoes at the front door.

5. Plants are a training child.

Greenery and plants everywhere. Your house doesn’t feel “homey” without at least a couple of them. So you buy some greens to decorate your home and then tend to them as if you were taking care of your own child. So it’s as if you’re training yourself for your future child. If you needed any more indication of domestication there here is the absolute one, you’ve yet to step in the realm of children, but you’re toying with the idea of parenthood.

10 Indications in Your Home that You've Domesticated

6. Unpacking is a must-do.

The minute you get home from work, you unpack your bags and put everything back into the places that they belong instead of just tossing your bag onto the couch and settling in for a Netflix marathon. Some things just need to be done before anything else right?

7. You have an incessant need to provide snacks at gatherings.

You don’t feel right showing up empty handed (although you were fine with it while still in school since you were too frugal to splurge on food for others), so you have this incessant need to serve the perfect charcuterie board along with hors d’oeuvres. Serving to create happy guests? The quintessential sign of domestication.

10 Indications in Your Home that You've Domesticated

8. Plans that go beyond 12 PM have an automatic no.

Dinner and then an after party? Please. Some of us have work the next morning. Or we want to be functional the next day if it’s the weekend. We’re no longer the Energizer bunny hopping around at 4 AM at the local bar/club. So you’ll kick out your friends at 11:59 PM sharp so that you can hop into bed only to wake up early the next morning and clean up the mess.

9. But first, coffee.

You know that your day doesn’t actually start until you have that first sip of coffee. Before you drank it purely just for taste, but now that you’ve incorporated it into your daily routine for so long, it’s become an addiction.

10 Indications in Your Home that You've Domesticated

10. You used to love the thought of a white winter, but now you dread it.

Not because of the cold that it’ll bring, but because you know that you’re going to have to wake up an hour earlier at the crack of dawn just to shovel it off of your driveway and brush it off your car. Five years ago you would have just woken up last minute and rushed out the house to let your parents deal with the snow. But now that you’re living alone and drivin to places? That responsibility is on you. Responsibilities leaving you stressed? Yup, you’ve domesticated.

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