It’s Hard to Break These New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s that time of the year where January 1 brings about the life-altering change you’ve always wanted for yourself. Whether it’s the year you’ll lose that weight, or write that book, or travel to the place you’ve been meaning to see, there’s just something about a fresh blank page that brings about a sense of hope for the coming year.

But while those are all great resolutions, here are 10 new year’s resolutions that you should consider applying for the next 365 days. They may just be that easy to keep.

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1. Fill a jar with the good things that happen

Sometimes we forget how important the little things are. This fun activity takes no work and doesn’t need 24/7 commitment. All it needs are those little moments that made your day, made you smile, or even made you laugh until you felt a pair of six packs coming on.

Just write it (whatever it is) down on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. After 365 days, crack open that jar, so when the next January 1 comes around you’ll be reminded of exactly what happiness the past year brought you.

2. Smile at yourself everyday

We live in a society where body image is at the forefront of a majority of individual’s lives. And it sucks. But just always think positive. While you may be pushing yourself to lose the holiday weight, focus on what really matters: your happiness. It doesn’t matter what you’ll look like by the end of 2015 as long as you learn to love yourself – every single piece of you.

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3. Take a vacation

It doesn’t matter if it’s to Hawaii or to that neighbourhood down the street or even to your bedroom. Just take time to relax, to let you brain, emotions, and body just enjoy being alive. Pico Iyer said it best in his TED talk, we live in such a demanding and constant world. Enjoy taking that step back from it from time to time.

4. Don’t wait

Patience is a great virtue, but sometimes you have to take control of your life. Life’s too short to just sit waiting for the next big thing to pass by. Stop saying you’ll wait for tomorrow. Make today count.

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5. Be in love

No, not with a person (but if you are that’s great!). Be in love with that hobby you’ve picked up, or with the TV show you just started, or with that book you read, or that place you want to see. Why go through another year if you can’t even appreciate something with your entire heart? Be in love with this life you’re given.

6. Say “Yes”

You miss out on a lot more when you say ‘no.’ Whether you decide to finally dye your hair purple or pick up pottery classes or try a new cultural dish: do something that absolutely terrifies you. The results will be rewarding. And even if your hair colour isn’t? At least you know the outcome instead of regretting and wondering what could’ve been. No one wants to live in a safe bubble.

7. Speak your mind

Why do people always beat around the bush? Our world would spin a lot easier if we were all open and honest. Push yourself to say how you feel when you feel it. You have a brain and you have a voice for a reason: use them.

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8. Exercise

Yes, your body, but most importantly your mind. Learn something new. Educate yourself. Whether it’s a mundane topic or just some more street-smarts. Exercise your brain and stretch your knowledge. The world is too big to only know the world around you. Explore the ones beyond.

9. Plan and don’t plan

People always ask us what our five-year plan is. And it’s good if you do have one. Setting goals for yourself is one of the best ways you know you’re getting to where you want to go. But if you so happen to take a multitude of detours along the way? Don’t sweat it. Life isn’t this perfect straight line. Plan your finish line – but enjoy the journey. You never know, it may surprise you.

10. Give

Donate – no not your money, although that’s great, but donate your time. Give your presence (a cellphone, social-media free minute) to your friend, your coworker, to those you love. Those 365 days will go by so fast – don’t miss too much of it with your eyes on a screen and your brain surfing the webs. Give your time. It’s something you should be giving far beyond just the Christmas season.

We all know that life’s too short to begin with.

Tell us…

What’s your new year’s resolution this year?


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