Major Spoiler Alert: 10 Shocking TV Deaths That Blew Our Minds

10 of tvs most shocking deaths

There is nothing worse than when you’ve found the perfect TV show to get addicted to and they go and kill off you’re favourite character. Sometimes it feels as though they’ve gone and killed your best friend. So we decided to round up the top 10 of TVs most shocking deaths, and in case it’s not apparent, there are some major spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

We decided to try and keep this list to relatively recent shows to feature on our top 10 of TVs most shocking deaths, so unfortunately we won’t be including Buffy The Vampire Slayer deaths or even Jen Lindley’s death from Dawson’s Creek, although they were devastating. Check out some other choices of which TV deaths shocked audiences the most, and to relive their deaths, click each title.

10. Dexter, Rita Morgan

Dexter focus on a blood splatter analyst who solves cases for the Miami police department. He also just so happens to be a serial killer who follows the code of only killing criminals. Going down as one of the most horrific moments in TV history. Dexter Morgan, our favourite TV serial killer, comes home from a hard days work of killing his rival The Trinity killer, only to discover his wife dead in the bathtub. While his baby son is crying on the floor in a pool of her blood. Déjà vu anyone? This mirrors how Dexter’s mother was killed while baby Dexter was found crying in her blood. This act sent audiences off the deep end, as Rita represent the last piece of humanity for Dexter, with her gone everyone began to wonder what could possibly happen next?


9. The O.C, Marissa Cooper

10 of tv's most shocking deaths

Surrounding the drama of rich and famous teens from Orange County, we can all agree that The O.C was once an amazing show. Especially the dynamic between the main characters Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper. The show focused around their love, so when the season 3 finale hinted that one main character would be killed off, no one could have predicted that it would result in the death of Marissa Cooper. Having her die in Ryan’s arms was enough to set the internet in an uproar.  What would happen next? How could Ryan, or any of the characters for that matter move on? All the drama, the issues, and the gossip surrounded her, so when she died what was left? Sadly the show could never regain the magic that Marissa Cooper brought and was cancelled the season after she died.

8. The Walking Dead, Lori Grimes

The Walking Dead may not be a show for everyone, especially if you tend to get attached to certain characters, because they will most likely die at some point. Following the popular graphic novel with the same title, we see a group of survivors struggling to find their place in a world over run my zombies, which they have nicknamed walkers. At every turn their hope runs out, especially when they discover that you can be turned into a walker by a bite or when you die. We shouldn’t be surprised by the amount of death in a zombie apocalyptic show, but there was something shocking about having one of the main characters Lori die in child birth, forcing her son Carl to shot her in the head before she changed into a walker. Talk about having to grow up fast.

7. Lost, John Locke


Do you remember when the world was obsessed with Lost? Because we do, and with almost every main character dying, we had plenty of options to choose from. Lost has never shied away from shocking deaths and plot twists, but we always thought that John Locke would be safe and make it to the end. Throughout season 4 they hinted someone had died by showing a coffin without telling us who was in it. So when it was revealed that is was Locke’s dead body laying in the coffin I don’t think there was anyone who’s jaw didn’t hit the floor. And when it was explained who killed him, audiences called it the biggest betrayal in Lost history, and that’s saying something.

6. Breaking Bad, Walter White

For those of you that have never watched Breaking Bad, you have missed out on TV gold. Walter White discovers he is dying from lung cancer, so in order to save up money for his family he decides to produce and sell crystallized meth (methamphetamine). Because that’s the most logical choice. Walter White may just be the best anti-hero to have graced TV, he ended the show by saving his trusted side kick Jessie, giving money to his family, and putting an end to his rival Jack’s neo-nazi gang. He may have been sick throughout the show, but everyone still held hope that he would make it through. After all, what’s the world without Walter White? All we can say is Remember My Name.


5. House of Cards, Zoe Barnes

10 of tv's most shocking deaths
Netflix has seriously stepped up their game recently, providing us with shows like Orange is The New Black and House of Cards. Kevin Spacey brilliantly portrays Frank Underwood, an ambitious democrat looking for political power by any means necessary. For him, it’s all about doing bad things for the greater good. His relationship with journalist Zoe Barnes is the perfect example of a relationship gone wrong with your ex.  In season 2 Zoe decides to confront Frank to get answers once and for all. But instead of answering her, he dismisses her questioning and responds by pushing her into an oncoming subway train. Her death came out of nowhere and solidified the depths Frank is willing to take to achieve his goal.


4. Teen Wolf, Allison

Although the title is pretty self explanatory, Teen Wolf follows the life of Scott McCall as he deals with the fact that he’s been changed into a werewolf. He tries to maintain a relatively normal life as a high school boy, but he continuously gets dragged into the world of supernatural. At least he has his best friend Stiles and sometimes girlfriend Allison by his side. MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf has been known to kill off their characters…only to revive them again later. That’s why it came as such a shock when they killed off the leading lady of the show and love interest of Scott’s, Allison. Leaving us with her final words: “I love you…Scott McCall”. Our hearts just broke.


3. Homeland, Brody

10 of tv's most shocking deaths
Homeland follows Carrie Mathison, a CIA agent that suffers from bipolar disorder. She becomes obsessed with Marine Nicolas Brody, who she believes has been turned when he was held captive by al-Qaeda. However as the show continues she sees there is more to the story than she realized and begins to fall in love with Brody. Homeland has been one breakout season after another, so when the writers decided to kill off Brody, who was the face of the show, they took quite a gamble. What was even sadder was that Carrie never got the chance to tell him she was pregnant with his child, he never got forgiveness from his daughter, and he will forever be remembered as a traitor. This was definitely a tough pill to swallow.


2. Sons of Anarchy, Tara

10 of tv's most shocking deaths
Being in a member of the sons of anarchy is to be a man of mayhem, where death and violence is just apart of the job. The show focuses around an outlaw motorcycle club with their hands neck deep in crime, from selling guns to owning crocked cops. They have a code to follow, but the main character Jax spends the majority of show battling what he thinks is right and wrong, leaning on his wife Tara for support. Audiences were shocked when Tara was brutally murdered by his mother Gemma,  especially since Tara was about to escape with her kids to get away from the violent life. Audiences hearts broke when Jax cried over her dead body in their kitchen.


1. Game of Thrones, Ned Stark

Is it any surprise that Game of Thrones would be our number 1 pick for the top 10 of TV’s most shocking deaths? Although there are so many to choose from, with the red wedding and the shocking (but well deserved) death of Joffrey, we had to give the crown to the King of the north Ned Stark. As the face of show, killing him off at the end of the the first season set the bar, letting us know that literally no one is safe. The show focuses around death, as a bunch of characters fight in the mythical land of Westeros for the throne, and in the game of thrones you either win or you die. Wars are started, curses are cast, and rivalries begin. Let’s not forget the issue of the what lays beyond the wall, because let’s face it guys, winter is coming.


Which TV death shocked you the most?

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