10 Reasons Why The Rich Kids of Instagram are Better Than You

Untitled-1And on the eighth day God trended #richkidsofinstagram, changing the lives of average people everywhere. Love them or hate them, the rich kids of Instagram have blown up from a popular hashtag, to a Tumblr page (richkidsofinstagram.tumblr.com), to now a book and talk of starting a reality TV show. Consisting solely of the children born to the flourishing one-percenters, these kids are often seen flaunting their wealth with photos of 24k gold baths, $10,000 tips, and cereal with Dom Pérignon. Whatever shenanigans the rich kids of instagram are up to are, it keeps our minds entertained, eyes rolled, and livelihood broken –I mean it’s hard having to actually work for your money. Being young and rich is all the glamour you imagine it to be and like the ever so wise Fergie once said, “If you ain’t got no money, take your broke ass home.”

1. They travel better than you.

Personal jets, luxurious cars, and all the yachts. While these vapid rich kids are taking to their jets from Calabasas to NY, it’s 9am and you’re just trying to beat rush hour. After cramming into a germ ridden subway only to be way too close to the overly sweaty guy that smells heavily of cigarettes, you can’t help but wonder what life would be like if you had a subway train all to yourself…tumblr_n9aaj3V4Tn1rb86ldo1_400 tumblr_mydoksTTqb1rb86ldo1_400   tumblr_m8o8yeXf8b1rb86ldo1_400

2. They eat better than you.

Nothing says lunch better than having it in the Hamptons, with the sun and food out –prepared by someone else of course. But I think your microwave just rang, the pizza pockets must be done. tumblr_n7y8ygHINL1rb86ldo1_400 tumblr_mya992ycdN1rb86ldo1_400

3. They drink better than you.

When was the last time you spent $168,000 on a bar tab? tumblr_n61ncmIs9r1rb86ldo1_400 tumblr_m8pk6nAolj1rb86ldo1_400 tumblr_milg1pWL9M1rb86ldo1_400

4. They party better than you.

Besides outrageously expensive bar tabs, you can just imagine all the drugs they’re taking (since we can’t actually get any receipt proof), but these kids know how to party when its time. tumblr_n7c0dhS3fb1rb86ldo1_400 tumblr_m9kubhnE7u1rb86ldo1_400

5. They live better than you.

With a penthouse in NY, a mansion in LA, and a villa in the Cayman Islands, the world is their home everywhere they go. tumblr_n65hnaXSgF1rb86ldo1_400 tumblr_n8cqi0HKzA1rb86ldo1_400 rich-kids-of-instagram-03

6. They vacation better than you.

They have 365 vacation days and they are not afraid to spend big on every single one of them. You’ll see them sunbathing in Mykonos, jumping off yachts in the Bermuda and scuba diving republican all while you’re sitting behind your computer desk trying to figure out when you can afford to call in sick next. tumblr_n346olM8jo1rb86ldo1_400 tumblr_n853w8whDK1rb86ldo1_400 tumblr_n7y1ly1R301rb86ldo1_400

7. They shit better than you.

How many times have you called your trusty toilet a throne? In reality, your pathetic lavatory is nothing but a ceramic pot of waste. Nothing says ‘I’m rich and fab’ better than shitting into gold a pot of gold. tumblr_n5tzn1QHPi1rb86ldo1_400

8. They bathe better than you.

The only way to actually cleanse yourself is if you’re bathing in a 24 carat gold bathtub. The rich kids of Instagram know this as they purify the peasantry off their skin from interaction with the likes of us by literally soaking in wealth. tumblr_n0uwgn3gVj1rb86ldo1_400 tumblr_mwit3nVRbN1rb86ldo1_400

9. They dress better than you.

Shopping means nothing less than the staple Chanel, Hermès, Louboutin, and Saint Laurent… But don’t forget that being on the sole diet of caviar and steak means you need to keep your body in shape aka load up the arm candy. tumblr_n4v5opqy6P1rb86ldo1_400 tumblr_n4ujgb8tWp1rb86ldo1_400 tumblr_mkjmh5EfHf1rb86ldo1_400

10. They do Christmas better than you.

That big tree in the city you always admired as a kid is in their home and that’s not it; the gifts they’re getting are worth more than your car, and the food that they’re eating is more lavish than your best dinners combined. tumblr_mybn92lIwQ1rb86ldo1_400 rs_600x600-131224083827-600.KK-XMasTree-Insta-jmd-122413 tumblr_n7owf81HZ31rb86ldo1_400


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What do you think about the outrageous spending of these kids? Are they spoiled or just enjoying what they have?

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