10 Very Real Struggles Of Online Shopping

Excuse the generalization, but women love to shop. We aren’t saying it’s a bad thing necessarily (trust us, we are in full Black Friday preparations) but there comes a time in every woman’s life where she just cannot deal with mall, especially this time of year. The crowded stores, the obnoxious holiday shoppers, and don’t get us started on the parking issues, sometimes we are very much okay staying at home and do our shopping via the interweb. Online shopping is the way to go.

Don’t deny it; you sign up for those newsletters to get a discount and then are sucked into every online promotion that ever exists for your favorite stores. When the initial addiction happens, you may be able to resist the urge. But once you begin, the struggle is very real.

1. Surprise! An amazing online sale.

Okay, when you get that e-mail the rationality is out the window. You know that the sale is exclusive to the online store, there is no need to debate. You need that sweater, right now.

2. Here’s every size…except yours.

online shopping

Nothing is worse than finding a pair of cute shoes online and they have every size, except yours. They may have it in the reject color that no one wants on their feet. But realistically, do you love them that much?

3. Free shipping.

“Free shipping for purchases over (insert dreaded number here)”. Start frantically adding things to your cart because you need to have that number before taxes and you do not want to pay an extra $10 for shipping.

4. Sorry, final sale.

Excuse me? You’re telling me I need to automatically like everything I purchase online? Ya okay bud, good luck with that.

5. “Sorry, this item is currently out of stock.”

online shopping

You just added something to your cart and press the continue shopping button. When it’s time to check-out, that item is no longer in stock. But it was in my cart first.

6. Get 50% off your purchase!

Hey you, ya you, get 50% off your first purchase with us. But first, sign up for our newsletter, give us all your information and be sure to like us on Facebook!

7. Nothing fits.

After all that anticipation, you finally get your package. Enjoy! Just kidding, nothing fits.

8. Remember this credit card?

online shopping

You may think this is a good and convenient idea at the time but the internet gods were just tricking you. You’ll never have to re-enter your credit card or PayPal information because they just know you now.

9. “This item is on hold.”

Hey girl, if you’re not sure you want that, hand it over because I don’t have time for games.

10. Delivery in 3-5 days.

online shopping

Your only reason to keep on living for the next 3-5 days.

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