10 Annoying Things Only Drivers Will Understand

For those who are privileged enough to drive, congratulations on your ticket to freedom! With this freedom comes experience and even new urks that will grind your gears. Here are some things that only only people who drive will understand.

1. Bikers

10 Things Drivers Will UnderstandBikers can be the most annoying people on the road. The fact that we have to steer clear away them YET they bike right in front of our hood and give us a heart attacks. A message to bikers: we love you for being eco-friendly, but just because you are on the bike that doesn’t mean you own the road. Use the designated biking lane and follow biking laws, for your safety, and ours!

2. Tailgating

Yes, you in the modified Honda Civic, we need to talk. There are plenty of lanes available for you to overtake us and speed 30 km over the limit. Please take it. It makes us nervous how you decide to live on the edge and most likely without insurance coverage.

3. Merging Without Signaling

Okay buddy in the Dodge Caravan, you are not in Fast and the Furious – nor are you driving a Mustang. Signal when you want to change lanes. It gives drivers the understanding that you want to merge into the lane. WE give you the permission to pass. Don’t be giving us anxiety when you suddenly squeeze your minivan into the little space we have between cars.

4. Driving Slow in the Passing Lane

10 Annoying Things Only Drivers Will Understand

The passing lane is called the passing lane for a reason. The far left lane is catered for people who choose to over-take other drivers, and so drivers need to drive faster than the limit to pass, then go back to the lanes on the right. Slow drivers are not doing us a favor by keeping the exact speed in our designated speeding space.

5. That Side Glance

While stopping at the stop light, look over and the guy in the next car is looking right at you. The side glance is really common among drivers because we are curious about who’s driving next to you. We check out to see if they are someone you know,

6. Getting High Beamed

High Beams are acceptable in driving areas where it is dimly lit. If we are in the big city, why bother? They can be useful in pissing someone off and signalling that there is a cop nearby. Keeping them on while you drive is such an eyesore, so please, learn how to use your car – for all of us blinded folk.

7. The Left-Turn at the Intersection

10 Things Drivers Will Understand 4The most dangerous driving maneuver in our daily lives. At a huge intersection, this is when we wait for the lanes to be clear so we can get on with our day. The worst part is when another car is blocking your view! They are also making a left but they don’t move to to allow you to see the other side. Please don’t be the driver we despise. We hold our breath every time we make that turn and pray that we make it to the other side in one piece.

8. Bad Weather

The scariest time to drive, ever. You’d wish that you stayed home instead of driving in the tsunami of a rainstorm. What’s worst is the person speeding or slowing down in the rain spraying you with rainwater in the process.

Did you forget to change your tires for winter? Accidents happen where individuals do not change their tires for the winter time and so they are missing the grips from the winter tires. Also, no one remembers how to drive in snowy weather. As a result, roads are messy with terrible drivers. Learn some lessons kids, winter tires = less slippage.

9. Parallel Parking

Parallel parking may be a forgotten still to many, but it is a helpful parking technique when you are looking for a parking spot. However, there are people who are very skilled at parallel parking that they don’t leave space for you to exit after. Or other instances where other cars park so far from each other, there is no space for you to shimmy into. So PSA for drivers, please leave adequate space and share the road! Check out how to parallel park so you won’t get yourself in a sticky situation again.

10. Merging At The Same Time

Are you trying to merge into the left lane but someone on the FAR left lane is trying to merge back into their right lane? What you end up with is either a pricey collision or someone having to ruin their brakes (this will usually be you, because all other drivers are assholes). It can sometimes be avoided if you’re slow and careful — but when that person is committing the crime of #3, then you’re out of luck. Ugh kill me now, please just go back to driving school.

 Tell Us…

How many times have you thought these things while driving?

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