Going to the gym is a life changing shift that can cause monumental changes to occur in your life. Most of the changes you’ll take in strides and generally appreciate, but you also may not consciously realize most of them until after you stop going to the gym.

1. You have more time.

So much more time. Those 4-5 one hour sessions you spent slaving away at the gym will now be given back to you to do with whatever you choose. Maybe consuming exorbitant quantities of sugar even.

2. Too much time = boredom.

15 Things That Happen When You Stop Going to the Gym

You’re lounging around the house with nothing to do, when you would have probably originally spent 15-20 minutes driving to your gym (or any other method of transportation), 5 minutes to change, 1 hour to work out, another 5 minutes to get changed, 5 minutes to chat and catch up with your regular gym-buddies, and another 15-20 minutes getting back home. That’s almost 2 hours worth of your time which could be spent exercising.

Maybe you’ll even start eating out of boredom. Like withdrawal from smoking, you’ll go into withdrawal from working out and you’ll have to do something with your hands. Eating is always a good distraction.

3. You’ll be more motivated.

You’ll have the energy to channel your efforts into other endeavors and may work harder at work, or maintaining relationships.

4. You’ll eat less.

The reduction in calorie expenditure will result in your body craving for less food. So you’ll end up eating less food simply because your body won’t be metabolizing it as quickly.

5. You’ll have more $$$.

15 Things That Happen When You Stop Going to the Gym

Since you’ll be eating less, you’ll also be buying less! Hooray, it turns out that not going to the gym can actually save you some money! Not to mention you’ll no longer have to be paying for a gym membership! And healthy food is expensive too, especially if you’re a clean eater that eats a lot to stay full. Back to McDonald’s and KFC you go to get full without spending too much!

6. Digging for the scoop in a new tub of protein will no longer be a problem.

There’s nothing worse than having the excitement of opening up a new tub of protein only to find that the scoop is all the way at the bottom of the tub. Day. Ruined.

7. You won’t feel sore.

Leg Day will no longer be the most feared day of the week for you. You won’t be stumbling down the stairs in pain or clutching your behind in anguish as you hover over your toilet seat. Instead, you may stumble when racing against friends due to your lack of physical exercise.

8. You’ll fill out a little.

15 Things That Happen When You Stop Going to the Gym

From the lack of excess physical activity, your body will burn through your daily diet at a slower rate, and you might end up gaining some weight back.

9. You’ll lose muscle mass.

Since you’ll be eating less cleanly, your muscle mass will decline. Looking like the Hulk will no longer be an issue to you.

10. You won’t be as alert.

Working out produces endorphins, which help to keep your body and mind alert. Without it, you’ll probably feel a little more sluggish.

11. You’ll feel more stressed.

15 Things That Happen When You Stop Going to the Gym

Exercising can be pretty cathartic, and without it as an outlet to vent out your anger and frustrations, you might become more stressed.

12. Pictures of you scantily clad will drop exponentially.

You’ll no longer be taken #ProgressShot photos there’s no progress to track. Unless you count filling out as a progression towards becoming Santa Claus.

13. You’ll judge others less on their food choices.

Because you’ll be eating just as poorly as them. No cares given.

14. Spandex and Lycra will cease to be apart of your vocab.

Your gym clothes wil become the lining of your closet shelves. They’ll no longer be at the top ready to be grabbed each morning or everytime after you come home from work.

15. The only clouds you see are the ones in the sky.

15 Things That Happen When You Stop Going to the Gym

All those testosterone driven buddies that you only talk to at the gym will no longer be present in your life. Things will stay where they should be – clouds in the sky.

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