10 Things That Happen After Living With Your BFF

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Kinda sounds like a dream come true right? Partying, staying up all night with gossip, watching the latest Walking Dead episode together is all you have on your mind but let’s give you some slivers of reality. Here are some of the things that happen only after you start living with your best gal friend:

1. You argue…like a lot

This is completely inevitable, you’ll have to learn how to deal with it maturely. No yelling and throwing plastic cups at one another. Talk it out woman to woman and don’t sugar coat anything. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

2. Your conversations now consist of groceries, volume control and closet space

Spending so much time together seriously puts a damp on conversation topics but because you guys are so tight, it doesn’t matter.

3. You grab McDonalds at 2AM

rommates, bff

Think of it as the Roommate 15, you’ve been warned.

4. Your favourite maxi dress goes missing

And then you find it later on Facebook being worn by your BFF. Why weren’t you informed of this night out to the Firkin Pub?

5. You get used to the weird smells, ugly faces and piles of clothes

Do you even remember what the floor in her room looked like anymore? Doesn’t matter because you’re not the one sleeping in her bed. Come to think of it, when was the last time someone opened a window? Whatever, you guys have clean up scheduled in on Sunday.

6. You start giving her dirty dishes in the sink cut eye


Respect the system. Even if her dishes are a wobbling tower about to topple over any moment, respect the system and do not wash them. Resist the urge because bitterness doesn’t look good on anyone.

7. You celebrate holidays together like a happy little family

When the holidays roll around, your plans are and the same. House parrtayyy with the other besties! If both of you have boyfriends, expect the same double date ritual. All is well.

8. You find hair clumps basically everywhere

It’s amazing how both of you aren’t bald yet.

9. You two take “twinsies” to a whole new level


C’mon, even your water bottles match. It’s not onpurpose, simply the mind unconsciously doing the same things someone you are fond of does. It’s harder not to be influenced by one another.

10. Your love grows

Hopefully if you’ve resolved all problems by summoning a higher power for the will not to spill blood, your appreciation for your friendship has blossomed. I mean, who else will pick up your toilet paper at 1AM?


What made you crazy after moving in with your BFF?



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