10 Things You Experience From a Long Commute To Work

Is that long commute to work getting you down? As fellow hard working women we know just how you feel, sometimes that ride into work and back home takes all the energy out of you. To be honest, you might even enjoy your job more if it didn’t take forever just to get there and back. So how can we fix this problem? We’ve decided to look at those funny and amusing things you experience on your commute to work, because let’s face it, we’ve all been there one way or another.

1. Pushing and Shoving


If you take public transit then chances are you’ve been pushed and shoved when people try to get on the bus or subway. Have you ever tried to get on or off at Union Station at either 8 am or 5pm? It’s just a mad house, and everyone’s out for blood.

2. Bad Mergers


If you drive for your commute then you must have come across those horrible drivers that just can’t merge…like ever. These are the drivers that signal miles ahead but are too afraid to merge, confusing everyone else around them. And when they finally decide to merge, they cut you off!

3. The Stink Bomb


Once you’ve finally made it and got your spot on transit, the smelliest person decides to sit next to you. All of a sudden you’re spending the next hour and a half with someone that smells like they haven’t showered in days. You begin to feel like the smell is rubbing off on you, and fear walking into the office smelling like the sewer.

4. Bad Weather


This was easily one of the worst winters we’ve had in a long time, and it made our driving commute much worse. If it was snowing or raining you’d have to factor in extra time for your commute, and that alone is beyond annoying.

5. Loud Music


You’re hoping for some silence on your commute down, but the person next to you is blasting their music so loud. You can literally hear the lyrics to their song and spend the entire commute wondering how this person isn’t deaf and fantasize about taking their iPod and smashing it to pieces.

6. Your Road Rage Comes Out


When you’re surrounded by bad drivers you suddenly can’t control your rage and as a result you just hate everyone. By the time you finally make it into the office, you’ve had enough with the world and can’t even hold a conversation without loosing your temper.

7. Chatty Cathy


If you’re taking transit to get to work, then chances are that all you want is silence. Whether it’s to listen to your music or prepare for you day, the last thing you want is to listen to the person next to you talk about their relationship, job, cat, or whatever they’re babbling on about.

8. Accidents


So picture this, you’re cruising down the highway on your commute, and making great time, when all of a sudden, BAM you hit an accident. Now you’re no longer moving and going to be late for your morning meeting, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

9. Transit Stops


Here’s a question for you, how is it possible for subways to be stopped due to traffic? This is something that just shouldn’t happen, we take public transit to avoid situations like these.

10. Traffic


Sitting in traffic and trying to get to work is probably the single worst thing to experience on your commute. Can you think of anything worse? Yea, we didn’t think so.

What crazy events have you experienced during your commute?

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