10 Unhealthy Habits That We All Do But Should Stop

10 Unhealthy Habits That We All Do But Should Stop

You can always teach an old dog new tricks, but breaking old habits is the hardest thing to do. We’ve all got a list of unhealthy habits which we’re well aware that are bad for us, but we still do them regardless. Does yours make this list?

1. You clean your ears with Q-tips.

We all know that shoving these cotton heads inside of your ears can be detrimental to your ear drums, so what do we keep doing it? The next time your inner voice gets an itch, resist the Q-tip and used an ear picker instead. Your hearing will thank you once you quit this unhealthy habit.

2. Over/under sleeping.

We all have those days where we sleep at 5 AM after binge watching Netflix, only to have to wake up at 7 AM to get ready for work and then repeat that process for the entire week until we’re done with a show. Did you know that your body keeps track of all the hours that you miss for up to 2 weeks? Within that time frame, you can catch up on any missed sleep. But beyond the 2 week time span, any sleep lost can never be made back up. Sleep debt ages you and the less rest you get, the faster you age. Break this unhealthy habit now to live a longer and healthier life.

On the flip side, did you know that constantly over sleeping can increase your chances of developing dementia? Bet you didn’t.

10 Unhealthy Habits That We All Do But Should Stop

3. Over/under brushing your teeth.

Over brushing your teeth breaks down the enamel and makes your teeth weaker overall. While under brushing your teeth lets debris form plaque, resulting in cavities. This may be the easiest unhealthy habit to fix as it’s more out of laziness than a habit.

4. Over sanitizing your hands.

For the germophobes out there, Purelling your hands one too many times actually kills and removes the natural bacteria on your skin that protects you from germs. Similar to over brushing your teeth, you’re weakening your overall immune system by going overboard.

10 Unhealthy Habits That We All Do But Should Stop

5. Holding in your pee.

Running to the bathroom every 10 minutes is a hassle, but holding in your pee for extended periods of time can actually cause you to be more prone to developing UTIs.

6. Brushing wet hair.

Brushing your hair when it’s wet makes it prone to breakages as it stretches out your strands like rubber bands. However unlike rubber bands, your hair isn’t elastic and it won’t return back to its original shape. Any changes are permanent and damaging.

10 Unhealthy Habits That We All Do But Should Stop

7. Constantly using a glossy computer screen.

Ever had a headache after looking into a computer screen for too long? Studies have shown that glossy screens cause more vision problems than matte ones due to their reflectiveness. The bounce back of light is harsh on your eyes and can instigate headaches.

8. Being overly aggressive with your facial routine.

The skin on your face is fragile and shows aging the earliest. Prevent wrinkles by patting your skin dry instead of aggressively rubbing it down. Also remove your makeup with gentle motions as opposed to tugging your skin. Your 60 year old self will thank you.

10 Unhealthy Habits That We All Do But Should Stop

9. Forgoing the rinse.

Rinsing your fruits and vegetables is a vital component to health, but many of us forgo it for the sake of both saving time and water. Okay, more like laziness. But all of the fertilizers, bugs and residue that are left on the peel are going to wind up in your belly. Do you really want your body to wind up looking like Chernobyl 50 years from now?

10. The Hunchback of Notre Dam.

Many of us sit all day long at our jobs and we end up forgetting how important our postures are. Don’t wait till you start getting back pain to be mindful of your slouch. Constantly remind yourself to sit up straight and you’ll begin to see just how much and how often you slouch.

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