10 Ways Dating is Different In Your Teens Than In Your 20s

You remember back in the good ol’ days when a guy would ask you out in between classes, at the bar, or when you went to “that party everyone’s talking about”? Well my friends, that’s what you call dating in your teens. Now if your coworker asks if you’re “coming out with everyone tonight” it’s totally a date. The difference? You’re in your 20s, and will now meet all your men at ‘grown up’ events. Here are 10 ways dating is different in your teens than in your 20s. It’s like night and day.

1. You Want ‘A Man’ and Not Mister Popular

Back when you were a teen, the boy of your dreams was mister popular. He was probably an athlete, in a fraternity, had the best parties, and was most likely an idiot. Now that you’re dating in your 20s, you’re on the prowl for a real man. Someone that’s got his life in order, dedicated to his career (not his job, his career, trust us there’s a difference), and knows how to treat a strong woman.

2. You No Longer Put Up With Excuses

In your teens, you had the ability to put up with so much crap when you were in a relationship. When you get into your 20s you no longer have that power. If he cancels on you, lies, or keeps his phone password to himself you have an issue.

3. You Ain’t Settling For Anything But The Best

Dating in your teens required group therapy with your besties. This involved figuring out what your guy was up to, how he felt about you, and questioning (once again) if he was indeed cheating on you. Once you get to your 20s, trust us, you have the ability to figure that all out on your own and can kick homeboy to the curb (applause emoji here).

4. Sex Is A Deal Breaker

One of the ways dating is different from your teens than your 20s is sex. In your teens sex is either a big deal or something you brush off as because you want to seem ‘cool’ and ‘experienced’. In your 20s sex is not only a necessity but it’s a deal breaker. If he’s got a weird foot fetish, he’s got to go. If he’s bad in bed, say goodbye.

5. Saying ‘I Love You’ Becomes Important

When you were dating in your teens each breakup was like the end of the world because he was the ‘love of your life‘. How could you ever go on after he broke your heart? Luckily, you’ve learned from this and no longer throw the word ‘I love you’ around like it’s your day job. In your 20s if you say it you mean it, and he deserves to hear it.

6. Work Events Are Your New Hunting Grounds

Back in your teens, everyday was potential to meet someone. Once you’re in your 20s you get hit by reality and see that you can’t go out for tequila Tuesdays or thirsty Thursdays anymore, you’ve got to be up at 6am for work. So now if there’s a work event with the promise of free booze and single men, you’ll be the first one there.  Just casually assessing the potential for future boyfriends.

7. You’re Open To The Idea of Online Dating

When you were dating in your teens, the idea of online dating was a taboo affair. However, when you’re dating in your 20s, it’s almost seen as weird if you’re not on any dating sites. How many of your friends like to tell you about their Tinder horror stories?

8. You’re Terrified of Ending Up Alone

When you’re in your teens there seemed to be endless possibilities when it came to dating. Now that you’re in your 20s, the dating pool seems to be getting smaller and smaller. All of your friends are in relationships and some are even getting married. Suddenly you’re terrified that you’ll end up alone with millions of cats.

9. You Don’t Need Your Parents Permission

The worst thing in the world you had to do when you were dating in your teens was to introduce your dates to your parents. For some reason, they just never liked the bad boy, drop out, stoner, or male sluts that you brought home (we can’t imagine why). Now that you’re dating in your 20s you don’t have to worry about these things. Your parents don’t even need to know that you’re dating someone until you want them to. #Winning

10. Maturity Increase

Now that you’re older and wiser in your 20s you have the distinct pleasure of options. You can date other people in their 20s, 30s, or even 40s if you’re feeling frisky. You’re not just limited to boys, welcome to the world of men ladies.

What are some ways dating is different in your teens than in your 20s for you?

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