Have you ever considered moving in with someone at work? It would be convenient — with both of you operating on the same schedule and having something in common (work). It would be safe, since you both will know each other has a steady income and won’t have to hunt each other down for rent. But if you’re considering living with someone that you already see for 8 hours of the day, 5 days a week, you’d better make sure that this person is someone you can tolerate for a year (or more). There’s nothing worse than coming into work with a feisty storm brewing between both of you.

Here’s what to expect when you live with a co-worker:

1. Talking about work on your time off

The worst thing is when you’re both stuck on the same project and you’re still doing work at home. Your cooking conversations will consists of stuff like “What was the client talking about again?” and “When is the project due? Like when is it really due?”

2. Asking about each others’ day in the morning only to find that you know everything already

“So uhh… How’s work?”

3. Having to be responsible in dividing up chores

The best thing is both of you will probably try to maintain a clean living space because you don’t want to tarnish your “at-work persona”.

4. Gossiping about all your co-workers

You probably won’t have many common friends so once you run out of things to talk about with work, you’ll probably end up talking about your co-workers. And how Macy totally slept with her boss on Friday.

5. Commuting together

The commute there will be long and tedious and both of you will be sitting in the bus or subway with earphones on, trying not to stare at each other.

6. Eventually trying to avoid each other by taking the buses at different times

“I’m going to go to the office 20 minutes early” is your way of saying “I need to have some time alone without needing to talk to you on the bus”.

7. Knowing each others’ intimate details

Because the other persons’ in and outs will be openly admitted to you, and you’ll know exactly which guy is coming over tonight *ahem*.

8. Taking different lunch breaks, away from each other

Being around them during lunch would mean that you’re spending almost 10 hours, or more, a day with them. If you two separately eat lunch, at least that’s one hour or so not having to socialize.

9. Complaining to other co-workers about each others’ faults

More than likely, if you’re close with someone else at the office, you will be ranting all of your roommate’s fault with them. Your roommate will likely do it

10. You’ll never forget what you have to do

At least you’ll never get in trouble with your boss — they will most likely remind you to finish all your work whether you’re home or at work.

11. They’ll be like the sister/brother you never had

You’ll have your ups and downs, you’ll fight, and you’ll probably end up not talking to each other. In the end, if you are good friends, your friendship will pull through and after you’re done being roommates, you’ll forgive each other again.

Have you ever considered living with your co-workers before?

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