12 Painful Truths Only People With Jet Lag Will Understand

jet lagged homer

1. You’ll have no social life for the next week.

Because when you go to sleep, your friends will be just waking up. Your schedule will be the same as someone on the other side of the country. When you’re awake on your computer, the only people to chat will be the Spanish guy from halfway around the world.

2. Your watch and your phone will show different times.

jetlag clock

You’ll wake up and check your watch or your alarm and think it’s still 7am, when it’s really 5pm. Your phone will be the only one in sync because it’s the only one that auto-corrects itself.

3. Anything, and everything, that people say ticks you off.

You won’t have the patience for that friend who always asks to borrow your stuff, cause guess what?! You’re cranky as f*ck. You don’t want to be bothered by anything or anyone.

4. Why was it so much easier when you were young?

When you’re younger, you don’t feel the effects of jet lag as much. You definitely don’t remember being this cranky or tired 10 years ago when you had a 10 hour flight.

5. Taking little “naps” during the day that turn into 8 hours of sleep.

napping time

You lie to yourself and convince yourself that you’re only gonna take a little nap. And then go to bed at 11pm. But no, you wake up at 3am instead and you’re stuck with nothing to do for the rest of the night.

6. You’ll get all your work done.

When all the time you have is in the wee hours of the night, you’ll be more productive with the little-to-no distractions from your friends, parents, or roommates. Hey, at least you can get all that work done from last week!

7. The migraines, oh the migraines.

You don’t get it. Whether you sleep or whether you don’t sleep, you just have an ongoing migraine ALL THE FRICKEN TIME. The only thing that works to cure it is caffeine and Advil. And those two don’t work together.

8. Dry, red eyes.

homer simpson red eyes

People will never have the time to see you dressed up anymore. Or see you at all, actually. You’ll just look like you’re high all the time with your bloodshot eyes.

9. Chugging down caffeine like it’s water.

Caffeine will be your holy water. It’s the one thing that cures everything — your migraines and your constant drowsiness. Once it wears off, you’re stuck wondering why you’re still not in bed.

10. Loosing weight. Unhealthily.

When you’re jet lagged, you probably won’t want to eat anything for a few days. You’ll want to skip every meal because you won’t have the appetite. You’ll drop a few pounds from not eating as much, but once you get settled in, that weight will come back twice as fast.

11. Everyone will think you’re rude because you’re yawning all the time.

yawning jetlagged

You go on your first date (for whatever reason you planned it right after you got back from the trip).”It’s not because you’re boring. I’m just jet lagged.”

Try not to fall asleep in your food.

12. Knowing you’ll have to do this all over again.

If you’re travelling because you’re on vacation, you’re going to do this jet lag thing all over again when you get back home. Good luck!

What pains do you feel when you’re jet lagged?

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