13 Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder That You’ll Most Likely Unmatch

We all know the stories of Tinder and the many people who use it. It is a dating app known more for hook-ups than fairytale endings. When you think of Tinder, you automatically think of booty calls and one-night stands. At least, that’s what I thought Tinder was until I started using it about a week ago. I was expecting a lot of the guys on there to be shallow and douchey. I still hold that view but there are other types of guys you find on Tinder other than your usual asshole.

The Boring Boys

Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder

These are the guys that put no effort into what their first line is to you. They greet you with a simple hey or hi or its equivalent. There is no effort to be funny or even introduce themselves. You might have swiped right because of looks but looks can only get you so far. Unmatch.

The Lame Pick-Up Artist

Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder

Most pick-up lines are really bad but these guys are the worst at them. Some of them clearly don’t even know what a pick-up line is. If you’re bad at them, don’t attempt them. Or at least put some effort into it. Google is your best friend. Unmatch.

The Guys Who Should Just Stick To ‘Hey’

Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder

These are guys that say questionable things in an attempt to get a reaction. They may be similar to the boring boys but slightly worse. I really wonder if they ever get a response back from their weird greetings. I definitely wouldn’t respond to that. Unmatch.

The Riddlers

The 13 Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder That You'll Most Likely Unmatch

These guys can be a hit or miss. Riddlers like to tell riddles or ask really intense questions. They are out of the box type questions but sometimes can be too difficult to answer. Some girls like riddles but some don’t. Choose wisely or risk being unmatched.

The Guys Who Jump The Gun

Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder

I’m sure these guys aren’t really serious but it’s funny how many guys actually use these kinds of lines. They are funny to me but other girls might not have the same sense of humour. Not even a reply back yet and you want to know if we’re going steady? Unmatch.

The Novelist

The 13 Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder That You'll Most Likely Unmatch

You see you have a new message and open it to find a novel. These are the guys that type wayyyyy too much as their first liner. I don’t need to start off reading your whole life story. If your text box looks too long, I might not even read it. Unmatch.

The 0-100 Real Quick

Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder

These guys start off with a nice compliment but it moves from 0 to 100 real quick. They may be sweet one second and a complete horndog the next. Or he could be nice until the minute you don’t reply to him and he does a complete 180 on you. Unmatch.

The Ego-Boosters

The 13 Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder That You'll Most Likely Unmatch

These are the guys that make Tinder worth while because they will boost your confidence when you’re having a bad day. These are the guys that shower you with compliments and boost your ego. Sometimes it’s just nice to have strangers tell you how pretty you are. Be careful though. Things could turn nasty if you don’t respond. It’s best to just screenshot the compliment and unmatch to avoid backlash.

The Slightly Inappropriate Ones

The 13 Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder That You'll Most Likely Unmatch

I’m not sure if I should be flattered or disturbed by this one. It’s probably best that you don’t expose to someone the first time you talk to them that they remind you of someone else, let alone a porn star. Unmatch.

The Funny Guys

The 13 Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder That You'll Most Likely Unmatch

These guys actually say some cute and funny things that make you chuckle. You think about responding to them but you probably won’t. Even if they are cute and funny, the chances of them being like that in real life is probably low so you unmatch to avoid disappointment.

The Slight Racist

The 13 Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder That You'll Most Likely Unmatch

The amount of guys that have suggested sushi to me is a little bit ridiculous. I’m not sure if they’re being slightly racist or everyone just loves sushi. I would like to believe the latter but my skepticism points to the former. I really do like sushi but I’m not sure if responding yes would perpetuate the racism.

The Stage Five Clinger

The 13 Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder That You'll Most Likely Unmatch

These guys send multiple messages within a really short period and expect a response promptly. Generally I’m good at responding via text to people but this is Tinder. I can’t be responding the second you send me a message. Why are you so obsessed with me? Unmatch.

The Guys Who Fail At Spelling and Grammar

The 13 Types Of Guys You Find On Tinder That You'll Most Likely Unmatch

Finally, we come to the bane of my existence. Guys that simply don’t know how to spell or use grammar correctly. When you don’t know the difference between there and their, this is a problem. Please check your messages before sending them. It really makes a difference. Being educated is sexy.

Tell us:

How many of these types of guys have you encountered on Tinder?

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  1. When you don’t know the different between there and their, this is a problem. Please check your messages before sending them. It really makes a difference. Being educated is sexy.

    The irony is palpable.

    • By that definition Bill Nye, Stephen Hawking, and Neil DeGrasse are one of the sexist men alive. And they do get smarter… I mean hotter. Dat brain…

    • So essentially unmatch with every guy? Hey is way too boring, but apparently anything more than one fucking sentence is a “novelist”? And the “pickup line” guy will be unmatched simply because its not a good pickup line? Does such a line exist? Dont worry though, us guys really dont give a shit when crazy girls unmatch us, so seriously no loss. And How the fuck do YOU start a conversation with people then? Ive always found hi to be effective, mainly because its a universal greeting you give people when you meet them the first time. And anything complimentary, you should simply screenshot and then unmatch? For the ego boost? You really need help. Complimentary guys are crazy if you dont reply?? I mean I don’t know, I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around your utter stupidly and lack of common sense. I could go on, guys who are funny aren’t really like that in real life? Based on what information you ignorant shit. I think my favorite is your response to “are we boyfriend girlfriend now” if you honestly think the guy is under the impression of going steady after matching without conversation yet, I can honestly say thank god you unmatch with everyone, because mankind seriously can’t risk increasing the chances of you breeding and passing the hypocritical feminista genes you unfortunately posess.

      • Haha feel you bro she is making it sooo hard if you do it by her rules wtf you looking for Prince Charming go to match.com tinder is for flings lol who really says I met my wife on tinder lol?

      • You’ve ssentially written everything I was thinking while reading it and thought of commenting, but then on second thought, realized it may not be worth the time. I’m glad someone said it, though. Kudos, man!

      • Chiming in late, but this was my first thought reading this as well. Problem with dating apps and websites is they are heavily favorable to women most of the time, so they all get this mentality that they’re in extreme demand, far more attractive than they thought, and can make up any ridiculous criteria to reject their infinite potential matches.

        Really, your best bet is in person (bar, mutual friends, shared activities/clubs, random places if you can do so without being a creep). You obviously won’t be able to browse through hundreds of women in one sitting like you can with dating apps, but the vast majority of those women won’t match with you anyway or respond to your messages if you do. You’re not competing with hoards of men all desperate to get their attention with every sort of opening line and texting style imaginable as this article illustrates (we all think we’re unique, the women getting tons of texts don’t).

        For many women, they just use it as a time killer and ego booster, ignore most of the texts, and meet up for dates/hookups with even fewer. A small percentage of guys are doing extremely well on dating apps and they have the attention of most women. They can text anything and get a response and enough follow through that it actually leads to meeting, unlike the case for most men.

  2. I’d love to find myself some day in a situation where I could actually categorize and dismiss women just because they took the time and interest to message me, but in what I consider the “wrong” way.

    I understand that things can get a bit stale after a while if you are being approached with the same themes but have some understanding please. Even if you take the time to think of something witty and exclusive to that particular match, there’s absolutely no guarantee that they will ever message you back. So why would you spend your time and get your hopes up? The payoff in that doesn’t seem to be worth the effort. Personally I don’t believe there is a “right” way to do things when it comes to human relations. You should do just how you feel is natural at a given moment and in that there’s many things like affect it: mood, interest, life situation, hunger, aches etc. If it doesn’t work, find someone it works with naturally.

    If I start with a mere “Hey” that means that I’m unsure if I like the person or am not that interested in them by default and I’m trying the ice with a stick. I understand that some meatheads you might meet don’t have that much interested in social skills and whatever and that basically limits them, but there are also other types of people that are human beings that feel differently over different people in different situations.

    You might just be a little curious about someone but are not really wanting to put too much into it. Just wanting to see what happens and find out if even you yourself are interested in who they are and what they have to say. There is absolutely no guarantee that just because someone is a man and they are matched to you that they are attracted to you that instant. Even if we put it the other way around, if a woman would be too much into me and always think of something witty to say, I don’t feel I would trust them or regard them to be emotionally stable. In those ways neutral communication and basic small talk is safe since it shows that the other person is not in a rush and balanced in yourself. As a sidenote I also grant that neutral communication is also quite boring if that’s the only thing the relation withholds.

    Basically what I’m trying to open up here is another perspective about why certain type of messaging exists. I’m not devaluing in any way those people that have something witty and exciting to say but in my experience, it’s only about the womans/persons personal preferences. Not about the content in itself. I do aknowledge that first impressions are extremely important in services like tinder but in the long run they are just hot air.

    There are things in communication that are in good taste, sure, but I would never ever demand or expect anyone to bend over backwards to please me. That’s wrong.

    I live in scandinavia, have used tinder for 8months and been on 3 dates.

  3. Yeah, guys “like” almost everyone on Tinder.

    And they message every match they get as well.

    Women get big egos as they think lots of men like them and are desperate to have a conversation.

    They’re not. This is just how they play the game.

    They like everyone.

    Message all their matches.

    Then decide who they want to meet based on the response they’re getting

  4. You forgot the ones that give you their number and then you meet up and set up another date but they never text you back again and unmatch you as well just to get the point across. The douche bags!

  5. I’ve been on Tinder for a year on and off, gone in several dates and just wanted to share a recent experience I had with a guy whom I met. We met through Tinder, exchanged numberd gone on several dates for 5 weeks, guy goes on vacation for 3 weeks, comes back not informing me, and basically started to avoid me by saying he is very busy. He told me to catch up this week then moticed, he unmatched me on Tinder. What an unusual asshole.

  6. Chris has it spot on. That’s exactly how most guys use tinder. Girls have too much choice and can unmatch on a whim. A clever, funny message might help if a match is unsure whether they’re interested or not but if you find me attractive you’ll reply to hey……

  7. Women like you is why men become ruthless. So, basically find any little reason to unmatch every guy. Use them as ego boosters, fear they may not be that way in real life and unmatch? Do us all a favor and gtfo off tinder.

  8. So when a guy says ‘Hey’ he should be unmatched. When he compliments you he should be unmatched. When he tries being funny he should be unmatched. What exactly is a guy supposed to say in order NOT to get unmatched?

    Get off your high horse. Stop being so shoved up your own backside. It’s hard enough trying to do online dating without having to put up with stuck up girls like you. Try actually talking to them first before you pass judgements about someone being ‘boring’ just be uses they said ‘Hi’ to you.

  9. Women like this are the exact reason why I don’t bother with online dating. They live in a distorted reality where they get inundated with messages which leads to them overarting themselves and causes their egos go into overdrive and become ridiculously picky. What about all the guys who have to trawl though all the dry and boring profiles which simply state “full time mummy” or “no fuckboys” in their defence at least they have bothered to put something on their profile in comparison to the rest. The funny thing is when I used Bumble (where the girl has to message first) all they are ever come up with is a “hey” or a “hey there”. It’s funny how they can be so critical when they have absolutely no game what so ever. Just stick to the real world guys

  10. Those 13 types apply to girls as well… every single one of them. Especially the ones who have the audacity to ask for someone with a good sense of humor when they have none in return. You know the generic ones that start a conversation with “hi sweetie…”

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  12. So… every single decent guy should be unmatched because of your stiffass non-sensical rules. What should a guy say, then ?
    I have only one wish to people like you: to die ALONE in such a manner that even the sewer rats and worms will avoid your body and, later on, corpse.


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