Squat & Cough: 14 Facts About Orange is the New Black


Whether it’s the wackiness of Crazy Eyes, the soothing voice of Yoga Jones, or the contagious laugh of Poussey (accente a droite, bitch), we can all agree that Orange is the New Black is one of the best things to happen to us this summer. Creator Jenji Kohan really knew what she was doing when she released this series on Netflix because there are 2 things girls can’t resist: tacos and Netflix. Riddled with girl problems like smuggling powder foundation in medium tan and finding a used tampon in your breakfast sandwich, it’s no wonder we love OITNB.

Did I mention Piper Chapman is an inspiration and a total badass? She wasn’t even that phased when she found out she was going to jail. She was actually excited to lose weight and get super toned from all that free time. “Oh my god Larry, by the time I get out, there’ll have been like 3 new generations of iPhones” (Chapman 2013). Spoiler alert: But who else was shitting their pants last season when she beat the nasty teeth out of crack head hick Pennsatucky? Yas Dandelion

Thank the old gods and new that OITNB has been renewed for Season 3, after receiving 12 Emmy nominations, and will return sometime in 2015. For now while we sit in post-season-finale depression, here are 14 rad facts about the TV series of the Summer:

1. Sophia is played by a real-life transgendered woman Laverne Cox. Fun fact, she has a twin brother who plays her pre-transition self in a flashback in episode 3. Is it just me or is Sophia’s hair way nicer than most of the girls you know??


2. Red, played by Kate Mulgrew, also starred as Captain Kathryn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager


3. Red’s character may be a reference to Shawshank Redemption as Morgan Freeman’s character also named Red was in charge of smuggling goods into prison as well. The only difference is Red in OITNB has to squat and cough for tucked away lipgloss


4. Natasha Lyonne who plays Nickels like her character has had serious drug problems in the past. The scar on her chest in the first season is real from a heart surgery she had in 2012

5. Uzo Aduba who plays Suzanne Warren originally auditioned for the part of Janae Watson, the angsty track star, but I think we all love her more as Crazy Eyes


6. Vee (Lorraine Toussaint), Taystee (Danielle Brooks) and Poussay (Samira Wiley) were all Julliard graduates

7.The faces in the intro theme are all real ex-inmates

8. Jenji Kohan, creator of OITNB, also created the show Weeds. An Easter Egg can be seen in season 1 when Larry is watching an episode of Weeds


9. You must’ve been blind if you didn’t recognize Laura Prepon as Alex Vause who also starred as Donna in That 70’s Show. She originally tried out for the role of Piper Chapman but wasn’t the right fit. “You wouldn’t worry about Prepon in prison”


10. Season 2 was released on the same day as the movie The Fault in Our Stars. The book makes a cameo


11. Our favourite Jersey Shore guidette Morello is actually played by an Australian actress Yael Stone


12. Here’s a pic of the real Piper and Larry


13. OITBN was based on 2010 memoir Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman. Her husband Larry actually wrote a Modern Love piece in The New York Times. Here it is

14. In her memoir, Kerman mentions the ethnic demographics in the prison and says there was “one tiny Chinese woman in her sixties”. One Asian and a half, we are loving the diversity


Tell us:

Is Orange is the New Black an accurate depiction of the female prisoner experience? Do you think you could survive in prison?

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