With the amount of snow everyone’s seeing, who wants to head outside to catch a movie anymore? Unless it’s the Hunger Games or The Hobbit, we’d like to cozy up at home and lounge in our PJs thank you very much. While you munch away at holiday themed donuts, you can enjoy these top 10 cheesy movie scenes that will be sure to force the holiday spirit into you. Enjoy!

Home Alone

1. Home Alone

Who can forget that iconic scream his mom shouts “KEVIN!” at the airport when she realizes she forgot her son at home or the tear jerking moment when they finally reunite at the end of the movie? Home Alone 1 and 2 are complete classics whenever you need a good laugh and sappy movie to bring back childhood Christmases.

Love Actually

2. Love Actually

Need there be more? If you haven’t watched this movie, you’ve clearly never celebrated Christmas. It’s a must see for all hopeless romantics. Love at every corner no matter age, language or obstacle that tests you. Cheesiest scene? Probably the flash cards professing one’s unrequited love.


3. New Year’s Eve

They tried to re-create another Love Actually with a new batch of characters but the floppy plot lines didn’t speak to us. Nonetheless, it was a feel good movie with plenty of Zac Efron close ups and SJP Sex and the City fashion candy for our eyes to feast on.



4. Serendipity

Finding a woman you met one night after a year and a half to give true love another chance sounds crazy but oh so fitting in the holiday spirit. It is highly recommended to grab your girlfriends, a tub of ice cream and watch this movie without any distractions. Girls night in success.



5. ELF

Will Ferrell surrounded by a bunch of kids in a classroom pretending to be an elf? Completely priceless. Watch it with the family and you’ll be laughing at all the silly cheesy scenes.



6. Bridget Jones’s Diary

This was every woman’s favourite romantic comedy complete with two devilishly attractive Brits when it first came out. No doubt it will be on repeat. We don’t blame you.



7. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Basically the entire movie is a cheesy mess but can you really blame 1964? It’s still a major feel good classic even though you know how it ends.


Cheesy Movies

8. Love Actually

It has to be included in the list twice because it’s the most played movie of all time during the holiday season. Don’t even try and pretend you haven’t downloaded it onto your laptop for later. 


9. This Christmas

If Chris Brown acting all shy singing in front of a crowd wasn’t cringe worthy enough for you then I don’t know how much cheese you can handle. At least we can all learn to give a little more tenderness this Christmas.



10. The Holiday

If you find yourself single over the holidays, let this movie be your ray of hope and sunshine. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz won’t do you wrong.

Which cheesy movie scenes did you secretly enjoy?


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