We love the wooden panels and the dark mahogany, but how else can you decorate your kitchen if you don’t know what else you can do with it? Most apartments and houses come with the standard new marble counter tops and the dark wood flooring, but if you want to have your kitchen stand out from the rest, get some ideas from us! Some of these kitchens can be costly and may need a complete renovation for it to come to life, but it’s well worth the effort. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, wouldn’t yolu want a beautiful working space?

To get your inner interior designer inspired, we have showcased some of our dream kitchens that we promise will inspire you to get your creative side going.

1. Clean & Modern


This clean and modern design stands out with the full panel windows and the urban textures.

2. Coffee Shop


Make your guests feel like they’re in a cozy, neighbourhood coffee shop! We love the blackboard touch.

3. Chic Marble


The chic white marble counter tops make the kitchen, along with the cute boxy chandeliers.

4. Indoor Aquarium


Have you ever dreamt of having an aquarium and a kitchen in one? We haven’t either — but it’s amazing to see the concept in real life.

5. Sliding Pantry


For those that always run out of space — this sliding pantry is remarkable because it opens the kitchen up and provides so much handy storage space.

6. Old Victorian


The old vintage wooden counters, the handing pots, and the placement of the stacked bowls make this kitchen a historical yet modern piece.

7. Casa


We adore the elegance of this kitchen — the chandeliers, the 1800’s style of wall deco and cabinets. Everything goes amazingly well together to make it similar to the style in a castle.

8. Open Concept


This remarkable open concept provides amazing light (plus scenery for the seaside).

9. Girly Pink


Awaken the Barbie in you. The pink from top to bottom gives more than just a feminine touch.

10. Sleek Modern

sleek modern, kitchen island

The island kitchen is bare and minimal. It also leads right to a patio or backyard which opens the kitchen up so much more.

11. Bright Sunroom


This is a great use for a sunroom-turned-kitchen. Feel as if you’re basking in a garden every day!

12. Antique Vintage


Acquire this gorgeous vintage kitchen look with hanging lights, tall curved ceilings, and decorated panels.

13. Warm and Cozy


If you prefer a homey kitchen, get worked up with your pot-ware hanging on the walls and the old fashioned stove and duct.

14. Warm & Homey


The yellow walls, the wooden countertops, the two stacked windows, and the tall ceilings all make this an ideal place for a family.

15. Wooden Cabin


Looking for something different? Make your kitchen a cabin styled cove with these beautiful polished wood flooring, ceilings, and drawers.

Which one was your favorite kitchen?

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