21 questions is a favorite game of ours to play, but once you get into the chatting mode with someone, all rules go out the window. Meet Miranda Murray, the Creative Director of Rigor Lux. Meeting and talking to her for the first time felt as comfortable as catching up with a long-lost friend. The fashion and design industry is known for its cut-throat individuals, so meeting someone that was so warming and open about both herself and career was both refreshing and welcoming.

12 Questions With Miranda Murray from Rigor Lux1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand Rigor Lux.

The Newfoundland native recently launched her outerwear company, Rigor Lux, last year to bring high end luxury pieces that are typically known for their detailed craftsmanship, quality and fabric, to a more accessible market. Rigor Lux targets the young and mature clientele that craves a refined sophistication with a little bit of edge.

2. Why did you pursue a career in the fashion industry?

Miranda always knew that she wanted to have her own brand ever since she was 14-15 years old. While most of us don’t even have a clue as to what career we want to pursue once finished our first degrees, Miranda has had her heart set on fashion from a young age. With that determination in mind, everything that she’s done to date (from working with other designers, completing her education as well as self-teaching herself techniques of the trade) has been done with the purpose of building up her own brand. And thus Rigor Lux was born.

3. What’s the story behind the name Rigor Lux?

Rigor means to be meticuously inflexible. When Miranda is creating garments for her line, she hones in on detailed tailoring and ensures that each and every piece is refined, regardless of the amount of work going into it. No amount of blood, sweat and tears is sacrificed in the name of good craftsmanship.

Lux on the other hand is the measure of luminosity. The goal of Rigor Lux is to make each individual who dons a jacket feel incredible, different, and as if they look like a million bucks.

12 Questions With Miranda Murray from Rigor Lux

4. Why outerwear?

Miranda wanted to have a specific focus for Rigor Lux besides just designing for season to season. Besides having a major coat fetish herself (you have to check out her closet!), and an appreciation for craftsmanship, she felt that the best way to demonstrate all of her passions was through outerwear.

A typical Canadian winter is long, cold and dry. In order to stay warm, the majority of coats available to consumers tend to be chunky and not stylish. And for jackets that are on trend, most of them never seem to be warm enough to brave the icy weather. Inspired by the climate as well as functionality, Miranda set out to create Rigor Lux as an outerwear brand that specializes in both fashionable and functional pieces.

5. Who do you design for?

Rigor Lux’s line of outwear is created for a mature individual who is at the start/beginning of their career. The individual is no longer bouncing from job to job and is well educated. They appreciate the finer things in life as well as travelling and living life to its fullest. A person who wears Rigor Lux knows that to get what you want, you have to work hard for it, and you’re not afraid to commit yourself to your goals.

12 Questions With Miranda Murray from Rigor Lux

6. Where do you see your pieces being worn?

Rigor Lux is very much so a lifestyle based brand that has different pieces for different body types. Some of the coats can be worn casually and be used to go grocery shopping or running errands. Other coats are more formal and have high end fur which would be reserved for dinner galas and other events. While in between are some everyday coats that can be worn to both work and going out for dinner.

As long as you’re both comfortable and look good while wearing your jacket, you’ll never feel frumpy in a piece from Rigor Lux.

7. What’s your brand’s overall color palette?

The majority of designs are available in black since it’s such a stable color that anyone can wear. Other classic colors that are available are bone beige, camel, navy and charcoal. Miranda chose to use universal colors that aren’t too out there to solidify her brand before experimenting with others.

12 Questions With Miranda Murray from Rigor Lux

8. Rigor Lux is produced in Turkey, but are they designed in Canada?

The brand’s last collection was designed in Trinity, NF. Miranda moved out there for 2-3 weeks and stayed at an old historical house where she immersed herself in her work and just let the environment inspire her. The campaign was also shot there as well, and it just so happened that on the day of the shoot, there was freezing rain and the weather was frigid. Luckily for the model who was posed in Rigor Lux outerwear, she stayed warm, while the rest of the crew shivered throughout the shoot.

9. How and where do you source your textiles?

Although Turkey is well known for their shearling, it’s not the best out there. Miranda doesn’t settle for second or third best when it comes to quality, and shes willing to dish out the extra dough in order to get exactly what she wants – top-knotch premium quality textiles.

All of the shearling pieces from Rigor Lux are from Spain, where it’s warm and both the skin and fur isn’t thick (so the jacket isn’t heavy), but the insulation warmth remains the same.

For other fabrics and textiles, Miranda travels the world to visit different countries and meets with the best tanneries and experts in the business in order to become educated. She refuses to use any textiles before first knowing in depth of its quality and the care that goes into both maintaining and designing with it.

12 Questions With Miranda Murray from Rigor Lux10. Which piece is your favorite?

Of all the pieces, Miranda’s favorite piece is by far the Python jacket. It fuses both a bad girl vibe that’s edgy together with a classic and feminine silhouette. Surprisingly, the majority of women who’ve picked up this piece have been mature women that’re looking for modern and sexy pieces that are still sophisticated.

11. How do you feel about having your collection sold at Hudson’s Bay?

Miranda is grateful to be picked up by Hudson’s Bay and is hoping to be picked up by Sak’s Fifth Ave. as well in the near future when they break into the Canadian market. Hudson’s Bay is Canada’s oldest and most influential department store in the fashion industry, so it’s impressive that with her first collection Miranda has already been picked up by them. Her next collection will feature the whole line and have 50-55 pieces available for purchase.

12. Do you have any tips for designers who are trying to make it in the fashion industry?

The industry is much harder than it looks to break into. One of Miranda’s biggest pieces of advice is to be prepared to work day and night. Making sacrifices will become a norm in order to get to where you want to be. But if you work hard and put in the time, the result will be amazing and you’ll be proud of your work.

12 Questions With Miranda Murray from Rigor Lux

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