15 Signs You Need To Make Him Your Boyfriend

15 Signs You Need To Make Him Your Boyfriend

Everyone dreads being in that in between phase: Are we together? Are we friends? Are we at that point where we are pretty much boyfriend/girlfriend but neither of us know how to bring it up so we remain awkward about it? Yep, it happens and though we may not be able to solve it, we can tell you the signs that you should make him your boyfriend (officially).

15 Signs You Need to Make Him Your Boyfriend

1. He goes out of his way to see you.

You may be on the other side of the city or other side of campus but he is always making excuses to come see you. Could this be mistaken as clingy? Perhaps. But just think of everything else he could be doing instead of spending time with you.

2. He gets to know your friends.

There is nothing worse than being interested in a guy who doesn’t care about your friends or when you talk about them. After all, if you are going to date somebody you want them to know the people you love. When a guy makes the effort to get to know your friends, it means he cares about what goes on in your life.

3. He is encouraging and supportive.

This goes for everything; school, career, travel, family, etc. He encourages you to follow your ambitions and dreams and does everything to help you achieve them. When you have no motivation, he is the one to push you and not let you give up on something you are passionate about.

4. He comforts you.

Whether you need a hug or a laugh, he knows exactly how to comfort you when you are down. He will do everything he can to comfort you and make you feel better whether it’s failing a test or not getting your dream job.

5.  He is the first person you want to tell if something happens.

Not only does he listen to you gloat on your successes, he also praises you to his friends about your success because he is proud of everything you have accomplished.

6. He knows everything you love and everything you hate and acts accordingly.

All those pet peeves of yours just disappear when he’s around because he makes a conscious effort to avoid everything you hate. Better yet, he learns to love the things you love so you can have more in common with each other. He knows your favorite food to bring you when you are sad and your favorite movie to watch on a Friday night.

7. He notices the little thing.

He notices all the little things about you including, but not limited to, your new haircuts, your favorite ice cream flavor, your coffee order, and the way you laugh at your favorite TV shows. He knows when something is wrong and won’t take “nothing” for an answer. Let’s face it, he knows you inside and out.

8. He gets along with your family.

This is one of the most important things for us. Not only does he make an effort to see your family, he gets to know them and gets along with them. You are totally okay leaving him alone to chat with the fam if you aren’t there because you know he will be respectful toward them.

9. He knows how to turn your day around.

If you are having a bad day, he will come either with food in hand (because who doesn’t love food), your fave movie, or a surprise outing to make your day go from zero to hero. Your guilty pleasures (Cheetos anyone?) are not a secret to him.

10. He never complains if you ask a favor.

Need a ride? He’s got you covered. Need a date? You bet he’s got you covered. No matter how big or small the favor, he is there to help you in whatever way possible, no complaints (which is a bonus).

11.  He accepts you for who you are (even with that #nomakeupselfie).

You don’t feel uncomfortable around him at all. No makeup? No problem, you are okay being yourself around him without feeling self-conscious about your appearance nor is he pressuring you to put your face on every day.

12. He holds his own.

Stage five clingers are the worst – your guy knows how to holds his own, he is independent. He knows the balance between alone time and spending time together and isn’t offended when you say so.

13.  He is genuine.

Nothing is more annoying then someone who puts a face on in front of other. Not your guy, he is genuine when he is with you and around other people. He doesn’t need to pretend to be someone else around other because he knows who he is as a person.

14.  He defends you in any way he can.

If he hears someone say something negative toward you, he is the first one to step up and defend you. He doesn’t care what other people think about his standing up for you, he won’t take any crap anyone gives you.

15. He makes you a better person.

Be honest, he brings out the best of you and you thought of him this entire time… didn’t you?

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