20 Things to Expect When You Move Out

15 Things to Expect When You Move Out

20 Things to Expect When You Move Out

Moving out can either be the most exciting or scariest thing. Sometimes it can even be a combination of both. The idea of freedom is exhilarating, yet the load of responsibilities that come with living alone can be daunting.

If you’ve just graduated high school and plan on moving out of town for university or college, it can be a little trickier since you’ll be a lot farther away from home. I’ve you’re buying a house for the first time (or even an apartment) in the same city as your family, then the process may be less stressful.

Regardless of the situation, remember that your family and friends are always there to support you and are just one call away.

Things we learned the first time we moved out:

20 Things to Expect When You Move Out

1. Most of your money will be spent paying bills. So put that $200 jacket back on the rack and walk out of the store.

2. You’ll understand why your parents never wanted you to host parties.

3. And you thought your mom had OCD about cleanliness? Take a look in the mirror.

4. Dust doesn’t magically disappear.

5. Food doesn’t magically appear.

6. Neither does clean clothes.

7. Or clean dishes.

8. Eating out will be more appealing in terms of saving time, but not for your wallet.

9. At least you’ll be eating healthier – you can’t afford to devour a bag of chips every day.

10. Friends will expect you to host when they’re visiting from out of town.

11. Or crash after a late night out.

12. Parents will call to ask if you’ve eaten yet.

13. They’ll ask if what you ate was healthy.

14. If you’re not a good cook, you’ll quickly learn how to be.

15. Extreme Couponing is not just a show, it’s a way of life.

16. Budgeting might as well be a skill on your resume since you’ll become so good at it.

17. Boredom won’t be caused by running out of things to do but by not having money to do things.

18. “Free” will be your new favorite word.

19. You’ll be more inclined to walk to places than you ever did before.

20. A love/hate relationship with your roommate will blossom.

20 Things to Expect When You Move Out

Okay we apologize, we may have made moving out sound a lot scarier than it actually is. But in reality, when you move out, a whole load of responsibilities will be thrust onto you that you probably never realized or had to do before – unless you’re a crazily responsible person to begin with.

But the fact is, you’ll quickly learn that most of the things that happened in your day to day life were taken care of by your parents (remember to make a thorough checklist of things you need before you leave). And now that they won’t be there to help you, time management and budgeting will be your new best friend.

Sure there will be days when it seems like you have no money to spend, but if you can budge wisely, moving out can be the best experience of your life. You’ll appreciate the smaller things more, and work harder for your rewards.

So go forth, embrace the freedom, but remember, it isn’t all that scary to move out. You just have to be responsible.

20 Things to Expect When You Move Out

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