11 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend (Or Any Girl Really)

In life, there are some things that guys should never say to a girl. Has he convinced you that you’re overreacting when you got upset about that comment he made a week ago? Well, we’re here to back you up.

1. Did you get enough sleep? You look tired.

11 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend Or Any Girl Really

Asking her if she got enough sleep is risky but it’s not as bad as when you add “you look tired”. When you add that line, you will instantly change her mood from bad to worse. She probably didn’t get enough sleep thanks to your snoring. Or maybe she was up late working on a project. Or maybe she just woke up late and didn’t have time to put her face on. Regardless, never tell a girl she looks tired unless you want her to give you death stares.

2. You look different…

Different? What does that even mean? She will start to go through all the possible adjectives that “different” could mean. You might mean she looks nicer in a different way but that’s not what she will think. She’ll think you mean she looks weirder, uglier, or fatter. If you don’t want your girlfriend to go into self-loathing mode, don’t tell her she looks “different”.

3. Are you on your period/is your period coming? That must be why you’re being such a bitch.

Chances are, if your girlfriend is starting to act like a raging bitch, it’s probably because she’s on her period or getting it within the week. Under no circumstances is it okay to ask if her period is coming unless you want to go out and buy her feminine products. Instead of getting angry at her for being super sensitive, just buy her some froyo and macarons. Chances are, she’ll be craving them anyway and this will definitely win you some brownie points. Plus, girls are super horny on their periods, so you might get some if you rub her the right way.

4. Your friends are annoying.

Never say to your girlfriend that her friends are annoying. Yes, she may complain about them to you occasionally (or on the regular). Yes, they may fight and you may be forced to listen to her rant about the time Lindsay completely f*cked her over. Yes, the things they fight about can be petty but never ever tell her that her friends are annoying. You can nod silently and tell her she deserves better friends but don’t ever outright say her friends are annoying. She will always take their side and a fight between her and her friends could very much turn into a fight with you instead.

5. Can you just relax/chill.

Were you just having a fight? Were you losing? Because you will now. All hell will break loose if you tell your girlfriend to just “chill”. Girls are the masters of table-turning and you telling them to chill will make them do the complete opposite. It’s like when you tell someone to not think of a purple elephant, it ends up being all they can think about. So when you tell your girlfriend to chill, she will not. So you better start running now.

6. You look the same with makeup.

Excuse me? If she looked the same with makeup, why would she need to wear makeup? Do you not see the dark circles, pimples, and redness all over her horribly acne-scarred skin? She looks the same with makeup? She put so much effort into making sure she doesn’t really look the same and you’re going to tell her she looks the same? Great, the hour and a half she just spent on perfecting her makeup was clearly useless and she should have just used the time to sleep in.

7. Let’s just get McDonalds.

So she asks you what you want to eat and this was your response. What? She just told you she wants to eat healthy and you want to grab McDonalds? Do you not listen to anything she says? Granted she probably said she doesn’t care what you guys get to eat but that does not mean you suggest fast food. If she doesn’t know, always suggest sushi. Everyone loves sushi.

8. What do you want to do?

If your girl is indecisive, this will be the worst question to ask her. She will get frazzled and annoyed because she’ll just respond “whatever you want to do”. If she responds like this, shoot her some suggestions on what you think she’ll like. If she can’t choose out of the options you give her, don’t say anything else. Just let her think about it. If she really just wants to do whatever you want to do, just take initiative and pick something to do already.

9. Is that what you’re going to wear?

If you want to tell your girlfriend this, you better be ready to accept at least 5 more outfit changes and at least another half hour to an hour before she’s ready to go. Chances are, she did not throw together her initial outfit so you probably should have just kept your mouth shut. If you don’t like her shirt, that’s fine. Maybe just tell her after you’ve left the house and she can’t turn back and change for the 8th time.

10. I’m going to see my ex.

Under no circumstances should this line be said. There should be no reason for you to see your ex. Not even to give stuff back. If you absolutely have to see your ex, make sure you tell your girlfriend. Not telling her and seeing your ex is sketchier than just telling your girlfriend straight-up that you’re going to meet up with them. Obviously, not seeing them at all would be ideal but if you really have to, telling her is better than going behind her back.

11. We need to talk.

These 4 words might literally kill your relationship. The first thing that goes through your girlfriends mind when you say “we need to talk” is “omg, he wants to break up with me”. After the initial panic of “omg, he’s going to break up with me”, she’ll jump into thinking she’ll need to break it off first. So although you mean you just want to talk (not break up) all she will read it is “let’s break up”.

Do you allow your boyfriend to say these things to you?

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