15 Awesome Tips on How to Have the Best Family Vacations

15 Awesome Tips on How to Have the Best Family Vacations

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Family vacations a.k.a as family relaxations are so much fun. New places to visit, new foods to devour, new languages to discover, and lots of shopping to be done. Us moms get super excited of the thought of a family vacation but we are not the only ones – the kids get hyped up too! Here are 15 awesome tips on how to have the best family vacations:

1. Pack light

The less clothing items, shoes, toys, etc. you pack the less you have to worry about losing and taking care of stuff, and the more time you’ll have to enjoy yourselves. You’ll also be more happier, amiga, when your carry-on luggage is  light – your shoulders won’t be aching. Keep this tip in mind: if it’s cool, don’t bring it to the pool!

15 Awesome Tips on How to Have the Best Family Vacations

2. Kid’s activities for the plane

Some air-plane companies provide kids backpacks with stickers, colouring books, crayons and activity books which is beyond awesome for the whole family. However, some airplane companies are not properly equipped just yet for the little ones and we have to make sure we bring fun activities for the most important passengers.

Pack crayons, mini activity books, crossword puzzles, cards and stickers. Remember, less is more. The last thing we want during turbulence is for all these activities to be rolling around the plane. Separate your belongings into Ziploc bags and seal them whenever they’re not being used.

3. Socks & sweaters

While up in the air, the temperature inside the airplane can get a bit chilly – pack light sweaters for the kids and a pair of comfortable, cozy, cotton socks! Even though that you’re packed for the vacation, make sure to also be packed for the travel! Staying warm is key to happiness.

4. Airplane food & drink

It’s always highly recommended for us mommies to pack snacks for the journey ahead: vegetables, nuts and seeds, sandwiches and/or Larabars are a great idea and come in handy when the kids say: “Mommy, I’m hungry!” However, it’s not a big deal if you’ve forgotten to do so. When the flight attendant rolls on by with the food tray opt for water and a salty snack for the kids instead of juice and sugary treats. Water will hydrate the body and juice will make us more thirsty. Plus, if spilled juice stains.

15 Awesome Tips on How to Have the Best Family Vacations

5. Hotel room

If you’re not exactly too happy with the hotel room that’s been reserved for you don’t be shy or hesitant to ask the front desk staff at your hotel to provide you with a different room. The hotel staff can only assume our needs however we know best what suits us. Besides, it’s your family vacation, so make the best of it. If you’re not fully satisfied with something be sure to speak up and tell the hotel management – that’s what they’re there for – they’ll be more than happy to help make your vacation the best one yet.

6. Kids Club

Most hotels come with a Kids Club (KC) and this makes the kids, mommy and daddy very happy. Why? Because the Kids Club is a place for the youth to play! KC’s are supervised with hotel staff and children can be dropped-off to play while the parents wine and dine or catch one of the hotel shows. It’s a win-win situation. Get the best out of your vacation and take advantage of different amenities.

15 Awesome Tips on How to Have the Best Family Vacations

7. Experience new food

Every country or island has their own unique foods, so be sure to try new flavours. Fish, fruits and vegetables are different in most countries so give them a go even if they don’t look familiar. Also, foods such as pizza, french fries and ice-cream taste differently than what we are used to – it’s fun to check them out too! As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

8. Collect sea shells by the sea shore

Collecting sea shells is one of the most relaxing and enjoying family activities when on the beach. It’s great exercise as we can be walking for miles on end. The kids will discover nature at its best while treading barefoot on the sand and picking up interesting shells which, once they arrive home, they can gift to their family and friends!

9. Try new activities/sports

Get the whole family involved in activities while on your family relaxation. Try as many new sports/games as possible which enrich the whole family with new experiences. Be it archery, tennis, volleyball, bingo, bowling, and basketball. Having said that – always pack a pair of running shoes for every family member, they’ll need their Nike’s!

15 Awesome Tips on How to Have the Best Family Vacations

10. Let kids be kids

While on your family vacation, let kids be kids. Let them run around, eat an extra order of french fries, enjoy an extra scoop of ice-cream, and extend their bedtime hour by an extra hour or two. The less rules, the more fun for everyone. Just relax, amiga. Play more, and worry less.

11. Visit local towns/cities

If you can, visit the locals – there’s so much history in every town/city. Take a day out of your vacation and explore the surroundings. Buy some souvenirs and soak up the atmosphere.

12. Shop

Not that any mom needs a reminder to shop but just in case you forget, do splurge on items which are different from the country you come from. Spend on traditional items and buy useful souvenirs: bracelets, necklaces, key chains, T-shirts, hats, etc. Afterall, you want to bring home souvenirs that are practical to help you remember your vacation!

13. Speak the language

A great way to learn the basics of a new language is to encourage the children to speak the local language, if it differentiates from the one they already know. Simple key phrases such as: “hello, how are you, thank you, please, goodbye” are a great way to start.  Opening our minds to another language is a great exercise for the brain. Make sure to practice and be awesome!

15 Awesome Tips on How to Have the Best Family Vacations

14. Soak up the sun

Did you forget to tan? It’s natural after running around with the family that you actually forgot to soak up the sun chiquita! Take the family to the beach and stay there for a couple of hours each day. Enjoy the beach, the sand, make sand castle, and watch the sea/ocean while the sun gives you the healthy glow you went on vacation for! However, be careful not to burn. Use lots of sunscreen. Moisturize the skin you’re in in order to keep it glowing.

15. Snap lots of pictures

Our brain can only hold on to a certain amount of memories – for everything else there’s a camera/iPhone. Click away and take lots of photos which you’ll be viewing once you get home. Don’t forget to make videos, also! They make for great movie nights with the fam jam. All of you will enjoy watching the videos from all of your destinations.

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