15 Ways to Spice Up Your Basic Hot Chocolate

15 Ways to Spice Up Your Basic Hot Chocolate

Everyone can make a basic hot chocolate. Whether it’s from a powder, or melting bricks of cocoa, let’s face it – it’s basic. But fret not, there are ways to change this predicament so that you can wow your guests at the next dinner party that you throw (unless, you know, you’re too cool to serve just hot chocolate).

15 Ways to Spice Up Your Basic Hot Chocolate1. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

One of the easiest options to consider, elevate that basic hot chocolate of yours into a mint heavenly bliss. You can either: a) throw in a big candy cane stick, or b) use a couple drops of peppermint extract. Either of these options will work, we just think that a candy cane sitting in your hot chocolate looks more Pinterest worthy.

2. Rosemary and Sage

The best way of making this one is in a pot. Heat up your basic hot chocolate mix (whatever it is) inside of a small pot and then throw in a couple sprigs of rosemary and sage. Allow the mixture to come to a boil before taking it off the stove. Make sure that you’re stirring it as you go, to prevent any burning. Afterwards, pour it into a mug through a strainer and you’re set.

3. Hot Hot Chocolate

Nope, that wasn’t a typo. You’re about to make some spicy hot chocolate that will amp things up. If it’s chilly outside, then this recipe is sure to warm you up in no time. Heat your hot chocolate concoction over a stove top and throw in some cayenne peppers until everything is boiling. Pour the mixture through a strainer and then enjoy!

4. Chocolate Orange

Remember those Terry’s Chocolate Orange balls that we’d all get super excited for near the holidays? The ones that you get to smack before opening them up to eat? Replicate it by grating some orange zest to the top of your finished basic hot chocolate.

15 Ways to Spice Up Your Basic Hot Chocolate

5. Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

Obviously there has to be a way to make your basic hot chocolate even more basic – by turning it into a pumpkin spice creation. Instead of a PSL, we’ll be making a PSHC. All you have to do is add in a tablespoon of pumpkin puree with some maple syrup as well as cinnamon to spice up that cocoa drink of yours.

6. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Everyone loves peanut butter chocolate anything. So the best thing to do is to make it into a drink. Quick! Grab the a couple of Reece’s Pieces cups and melt them over a stove to turn it into a drink! Just kidding, that’s a little bit gross. Instead, make your everyday hot chocolate and then mix in a spoonful of peanut butter and then mix it all up in a blender until smooth. If you’re feeling fancy, top it off with whip cream and sprinkle some Reece’s Pieces bits over top to finish the drink.

7. Liquored Up

If eggnog can have alcohol, why can’t hot chocolate? Add a splash of Bailey’s Irish cream into your drink to give it a little bit of a punch.

15 Ways to Spice Up Your Basic Hot Chocolate

8. Lavender Hot Chocolate

I tried this a couple weeks ago at a local cafe, but instead of using your basic hot chocolate, it was served with white chocolate. So grab a bar of white chocolate, melt it with some mik in a pot and then throw in a sprig of lavender for flavoring. Strain the mixture into a mug and enjoy!

9. Cookies & Cream

This may sound a little gross, but trust us, it tastes amazing. Grab your favorite cookies and cream ice cream, melt it in a pot with a stick of chocolate or some cocoa powder and then enjoy! It’ll taste like heaven to you. If you’re daring enough to try some more sugar, use white chocolate instead.

10. Ice Cream Float

Ever had one? Well now’s the chance to try one in a hot drink. Add one scoop of your favorite ice cream into a cup of hot chocolate to make it extra rich and creamy.

11. Mocha

Stop going to starbucks and make your own mochas. Plus you’ll get a nice caffeine kick out of your drink. Instead of using sugar, substitute your sweetener with a couple spoonfuls of hot chocolate powder.

15 Ways to Spice Up Your Basic Hot Chocolate

12. Tea-Infused

Flavor your basic hot chocolate by substituting the water for a tea-base. We suggest using earl grey or chai to give it a nice round flavor.

15 Ways to Spice Up Your Basic Hot Chocolate

13. Rainbow Hot Chocolate

Pick up a bunch of different colored candy melts from your local grocery store and make hot chocolate in a variety of colors!

14. Coconut Hot Chocolate

If you’re intolerant to lactose, there are options for you. Switch up your milk for coconut water/milk and then top off your hot chocolate with some coconut shavings!

15. Frozen Hot Chocolate

And if all of these hot options aren’t exactly your cup of tea (haha no pun intended), then opt for a frozen hot chocolate. Blend a cup of ice cubes with cocoa powder to get a cool and refreshing drink.


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