2 is Better than 1 – Why a Work Spouse Just Works

2 is Better than 1 - Why a Work Spouse Just Works

2 is Better than 1 - Why a Work Spouse Just Works

It’s Essential to Have a Work Spouse

As much as we love our significant others, we don’t want to spend every waking moment with them. There’s only so much time you can spend with someone and that includes at work. Who wants to take work home, and take home to work anyways? We certainly don’t. This is where a work spouse comes into play.

It can sometimes be difficult sharing the day-to-day occurences of your work (especially if they work in a different industry), so having a work spouse comes in handy. They already know the stress that you’re placed under, they know the things that are going on a work. So why take an hour catching up your partner at home with the back story as to what happened before leading to the current situation when you can vent to someone that’s already familiar with what’s going on?

2 is Better than 1 - Why a Work Spouse Just Works

Work spouses are usually a co-worker of the opposite sex who you share a special relationship with at work. You both have similar bonds in relation to marriage but there isn’t the same level or commitment or sex involved. Sure sexual tension can sometimes arise, but most work spouses find that this tension actually fuels them to produce better results at work. By using this personal bond to further your work, you and your work spouse can be on the same page, understand each other but not have to discuss trivial home matters such as kids, groceries or the laundry.

The same thing goes for your marital spouse. You can go home to a peaceful house where you don’t need to air the laundry or work drama since you’ve already done it all at work!

No, You’re Not Cheating

And no, the answer to your long-standing question of whether or not it’s considered cheating. But it also all really depends on your definition of cheating. Some couples may consider it emotional cheating when you confide in your emotions and get emotional gratifcation out of talking to someone else. But hey, you do that to you friends to, so wouldn’t that also be considered cheating?

2 is Better than 1 - Why a Work Spouse Just Works

You should be setting clear boundaries with your marital spouse if you ever find yourself in the sitation where you and a co-worker begin developing a work spouse relationship. Preventing suspicions is the first step to ensuring that a misunderstanding doesn’t occur in the future. If you can be clear on what your boundaries are, then mistakes won’t occur and misunderstandings won’t arise.

On the same plate, you should also clarify with your work spouse what your work relationship boundaries are. Ensure that they know there are no strings attached and that a sexual relationship is not what you’re interested in. If you feel that sexual tension arise, put it to good use and channel it into your work to create a productive atmosphere.

2 is Better than 1 - Why a Work Spouse Just Works

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