33 Ways To Deal With Your Mildly Annoying Friends

You’ve probably read our topic on 33 Ways to Mildy Annoying Your Friends, but how do you deal with that friend who is just… mildy annoying?

annoying friend

We’ve all been there. We have that one “annoying” friend. They’re still your friend and they’re a good person, so you don’t want to hurt their feelings… but they’re just so annoying. Here was have some tips on how to deal with them.

(This article is just for fun. Please don’t reenact. We don’t hold responsibility for losing any friends, causing people to hate you, being recognized as a bitch, or becoming the mildly annoying one).

  1. Go appear offline (on Skype or Facebook Messenger)
  2. When they ask you where you’ve been, tell them you don’t have internet at home. Ever.
  3. Whenever you’re on long rides with them, plug in your earphones and rock out to loud EDM.
  4. If they pull out your earphones, turn up the radio really loud so it muffles their voice.
  5. When they ask something stupid… tell them to Google it.
  6. Change their ringtone so you know it’s them calling again.
  7. Scratch that, mute their ringtone so they don’t wake you up at 6am.
  8. Always have a backup plan in case they flop again.
  9. Reply their texts after a few hours.
  10. If they don’t reply to yours, spam them.
  11. Take a break from seeing them at least for a few days (sucks if you work together or go to school together and can’t).
  12. Never watch a movie with them (they might spoil it).
  13. Never mention you’re watching a tv show (they might spoil it)
  14. Don’t invite them to movies.
  15. Don’t invite them to parties.
  16. Don’t invite them to any social gatherings in which they might embarrass you.
  17. Hide their Facebook feed.
  18. Don’t add them on Facebook (say you hardly ever use it and make the privacy settings very private)
  19. Don’t follow them on Twitter.
  20. Flag their posts.
  21. If they try to gossip, tell them “Oh, I thought you were the one that did that!” instead.
  22. If they do something stupid to be funny, don’t laugh. Don’t say anything. Just yawn.
  23. If they tell you the same story over and over again, just walk away in the middle of them talking without saying anything.
  24. Buy amazing quality earplugs.
  25. Make it obvious you’re avoiding them.
  26. Hide your food so they don’t steal it.
  27. Take deep breaths when they say something stupid.
  28. Facepalm.
  29. Tell them they’re annoying.
  30. Do the same things they do back to them.
  31. Try and predict the next annoying thing they’re going to do.
  32. Make a bet with your friends on it.
  33. If you really can’t stand their annoying-ness anymore, stop being friends with them.

Again, we don’t mean for anyone to take these seriously. We feel bad for you if you do have an annoying friend like that though. Kudos.

Tell us…

Would you actually take any of this advice?

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