25 Life Lessons That Motherhood Teaches Us

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1. Making it outside the house with the kids is a victory worthy of celebration.

2. A manicure makes us look put-together. (Imagine what a pedicure does!)

3. Comedy movies are awesome. (Please Hollywood, make more of those!)

4. Mommy is always right, daddy should know that by now.

25 Life Lessons That Motherhood Teaches Us

5. Grandma and Grandpa are even better than sliced bread.

6. Avocado is the new chocolate. (One word: Omegas!)

7. Speaking posh English benefits the entire family.

8. Buying coffee alone is like a mini vacation. It’s needed so why not have some fun while doing it? Make plans with your friends and grab a cup of joe at the same time.

9. Your new BFF is your sense of humour. It’ll be useful for both your family and yourself.
10. Being debt-free is better than shopping.

11. It’s amazing what a glass of wine can do!

12. Greys? They are the new ‘wisdom hairs’. Embrace them as it’s natural for everyone to get them.

13. Asking for help is a sign of strength, never hesitate when you’re unsure of something.

14. Buy great socks, (not just lingerie).

15. Our children know more than us (always, always, listen to what they have to say).

16. Dancing IS a form of exercise (exercise should be fun, not painful).

25 Life Lessons That Motherhood Teaches Us17. We are thankful for take-out (ain’t nobody got time for a home cooked meal after a 60 hour work week).

18. A great pair of shoes is a must (comfort is key).

19. Coffee becomes a necessity (it’ll replace your blood).

20. A good moisturizer is key (you’ll need it after washing your hands so much).

21. Showers become a treat (it’s like our own at home spa).

22. Flossing is a luxury. Unless it’s bum floss, but then that to is a luxury – granny panties everywhere!

23. Shaving can wait (it’s not like we shave much to begin with).

24. Yes to perfume (on days when showers can’t happen).

25. Bedtime by 9pm is both beneficial to yourself and the family.

What lessons has motherhood taught you?

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