33 Ways to Mildly Annoy Your Friends


Don’t be that annoying friend in your group. Your friends have to put up with your shit because they love you and whatever but there are little things that WILL push their buttons that you want to avoid. Don’t be THAT friend…

1. Reveal Game of Thrones spoilers

2. Say you hate Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black and then try to justify your obviously wrong opinion

3. Flop on plans last minute via a shitty excuse text message

4. Post pictures where you look banging but everyone else doesn’t

5. Bring nothing to a potluck

6. Bring fruitcake to a potluck

7. Casually scroll twitter when someone is talking to you

8. Call people at 9AM when you know they have the day off to sleep in

9. Change the station when someone is jamming hard to a song

10. Sit shotgun without calling shotgun

11. Invite your significant other to girl’s night out

12. Make unnecessary and blatantly obvious subtweets

13. Talk through movies

14. Laugh through the sad parts of movies

15. Take the last slice of pizza

16. Try to persuade the DD to drink

17. Tell inside jokes that are outside the group

18. Not being on time or inexcusably late

19. Drink out of the carton

20. Chew on borrowed pens

21. Play the same song over and over again

22. Type only in uppercase or LiKE ThIS

23. Don’t reply to urgent messages and have your read receipts on

24. Correct them when they use your and you’re incorrectly

25. Finish the 99 bottles of beer song during a road trip

26. Lie on their bed with your shoes on

27. Pull out their earphones when they’re listening to music

28. Hog the mic at karaoke

29. Complain. About everything.

30. Talk in extreme detail about how you want to hook up with their sibling

31. Burp and blow it in their face

32. Not keeping secrets

33. Explain something and stop mid senten-


Tell us:

Have you ever committed any of these annoying social fouls?


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