4 Hilarious Things To Learn from Maleficent

A misunderstood Disney villain, a spine-chilling Lana Del Ray cover, and Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones in 3D so sharp they could pierce a hole into your self-esteem. What more can a girl ask for! Other than being an exciting twist on a classic Disney movie we all know and love, girls can learn a few things from this empowering and dynamic female protagonist.


1. Being Pale is Hot

We all know the phrase being tan and tasty over being pale and pasty. But you can be fierce without being slave to self-tanners and tanning beds. If anyone says otherwise, just fly them thousands of feet into the air and throw them off to plummet to their impending doom.

2. Watch Your Drink

The boy from your childhood is going to try reconnect with you once you’re curvier and your cheekbones start to develop. He’ll offer you a drink, take what’s most special to you, and then turn into a huge douche. He’ll leave you alone in the forest and all you’ll have left is your crow friend.

3. Never Settle

If there’s only 1 boy in your little village, of course he’s going to seem like a hunk and a total catch. You should be branching out because there’s way more for you out there. You’re a total babe, don’t waste your time on the peasant boy who can only afford an iron ring and is going to take 10 years to call back.

4. You Can Make Your Own Happy Ending

We live in a society where going from ‘me’ to ‘we’ is a primary incentive. As Maleficent suffered from her loss and goes on a rampage to avenge her betrayal, she figures herself out. The only person who can change your outlook on life and make it beautiful is you. If you continue to lead a life based on love from others, you ultimately will not be happy. Find your wings and learn to love yourself first.

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Do you agree that there’s adult innuendos in Disney Movies? Did you get this from Maleficent?

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