4 Local Canadian Startup Jewelry Companies To Watch For

4 Local Canadian Startup Jewelries To Watch For

The consumer world is vast and saturated, which often makes it difficult for new companies to make a splash in the industry. Between where and how consumers are shopping, it can be easy for smaller companies to become lost in the mix, or to even go completely unseen at all. Even when some hit their 15 seconds of fame, they plateau and end up falling off of the scene.

Sometimes though, some of them hit the target and land on the perfect formula for making it big. They continue climbing upwards without an end in sight, making them the perfect contenders to become name players in the industry. Here are 4 local Canadian startup jewelry companies that we think you should keep an eye out for.


The co-founder of Mejuri, Noura – named one of the 10 web savvy entrepreneurs to watch on Yahoo, has created a company that connects designers to consumers by running a series of online contests which allows the designers to deliver exactly what consumers want.


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This isn’t Noura’s first foray into the jewelry industry. Her family has been involved in the business since 1953, which has provided Noura with the vast knowledge and capabilities of handling a business on her own as well as the location for the most cost-effective manufacturing. Armed with past experience and her husband by her side, Noura has created an innovative platform that delivers both supply and demand to either sides of the economic sphere.

Body Bijou

Linda Manziaris is one of these entrepreneurs who, at the young age of 15, already manages a business of her own. She began creating original jewelry designs for her family and friends, and soon her talent was noticed which resulted in the influx of orders that she received. When she traveled to Kenya on a family-volunteer trip, she decided to combine her interest in helping young women with her jewelry design. And thus Body Bijou was born.

4 Local Canadian Startup Jewelry Companies To Watch For

The company donates 50% of their net profits to, Girls Helping Girls, a not-for-profit organization that helps girls around the world attain the education they desire and its humanitarian involvement has already provided 24 girls in the developing world with scholarships to pursue their educational dreams. Luckily for you guys, Body Bijou is giving away a Ringalette, and you can find out just how to enter by heading over toย the giveaway page!

Naeve Jewelry

The concept of Naeve Jewelry was born from the designer’s, Anna Tobin, belief “in the richness of simplicity and the value of quality handcrafted pieces made of precious metals“. This Canadian Native hails from Newfoundland, where many of her jewelry designs are inspired by its heritage and landscape.

4 Local Canadian Startup Jewelry Companies To Watch For

Her jewelry aesthetic is extremely clean, feminine but with an edgy twist that can easily be worked into any wardrobe whether you be a die-hard hardware fan, or someone that prefers dantier jewelry. And because many of the piece are so delicate, it’s easy to create bolder looks by stacking many of the pieces together (which we completely plan on doing).


When you think of “wearables” the first thing that usually comes to mind is a FitBit or some other type of heart tracking monitor that tells you how many calories that you’ve burnt and for how long. Mellamor is completely changing the idea of technology and jewelry by combining the two in a completely different way. By using an app to control the lighting inside of a pseudo-diamond, the color of your pendant can be changed to reflect when a loved one is thinking of you.

4 Local Canadian Startup Jewelry Companies To Watch For

And what’s even better is that you can change the color of your necklace to match whatever the outfit of choice is for that day. So if you’re feeling blue, change the hue of your diamond to something that matches it. If you’re feeling loving, change it to a red. There are also options that can create a pulsating light which mimics the heartbeat of a loved one, or a burning candle light similar to that to the ever burning fire of passion.

Don’t forget to enter the Body Bijou giveaway here for your chance to win a ringalette!

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  1. I really like the Silver Swarovski Flower Necklace from Body Bijou. It’s simple & silver so exactly my type of jewelry.


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