5 Amazing & Must Have Apps: November 2014 Edition

Are you looking to discover some new apps on your phone but not sure where to start? Looking at the top 100 lists but is everything on there is similar to Candy Crush or Flappy Birds? We’re here to help with that, with our November edition of our “must have apps” list. We believed that you will find a lot of these fun, entertaining, or useful for your everyday needs!

Fast Customer

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fast customer

Do you hate calling customer service only to have to be put on hold for 20 minutes to an hour because the wait times are so long? This app eliminates the problem by letting you chose from a extensive list of companies to call, and instead of having to wait for them to get on the line, the app will connect both of you when the customer service rep is free! You can close this app and they will contact you as soon as there is a rep on the line. This will save you precious time that you could be spent doing something else.

French Girls


french girls“Paint me like one of your french girls.”

This is exactly what this app strives to do. You can upload a selfie of yourself (or your friend) and have a stranger draw you. This is a community where you can take turns drawing other people, and you can comment on and like each others’ photos. Sort of like an Instagram app and a “Draw My Thing” app combined in one. You’ll probably be spending hours of time on this app if you’re an artist, and even if you’re not — it’s fun receiving what others can come up with. Too bad though, this app is only for iOS for now *sad face*.



wakie app

This app is ultimately one of our favorites. Do you have a hard time waking up to a traditional alarm clock? This app helps eliminate that problem by… wait for it… having a stranger call you during your set time! Someone had a testimony where there’s drunk Russian guy called and told them if they didn’t wake up they would go find them in their house and drag them out of bed. I certainly would probably wake up from something like that. The coolest thing is that it connects people from all over the world! Try this app out on your android today (sadly it’s not on iOS yet, but they are communicating with Apple to get it on the app store ASAP).


[iOS] [Android]


A really useful app that does exactly what the name states. Find the best gas results right on your phone! It’s a community based app that has people uploading gas prices from all over Canada and the US. The more prices you report, the more chances you have of winning $100 in free gas. There is a contest available every day.

Sleep Cycle

[iOS] [Android]

sleep cycle

The sleep cycle app is perfect for those that have a hard time waking up. It tracks your sleeping patterns and it analyzes when you have the lightest sleep cycle, and wakes you up based on that. Do you find that you have trouble waking up when you’re in the middle of your dreams? This is because of your REM cycle. By finding the best time to wake you up, you’ll have an easier time waking up as well as have a better mood throughout the day.

What are your favorite apps for November?

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