5 Of The Best Chick Flicks To Watch With Your Bestie

Not all chick flicks are rom-coms. I mean, a lot are (we do love our rom-coms), but boys aren’t the only thing we ladies care about. Our best friends are the most important people in our lives. She’s the one you turn to when you have a horrible secret or a huge weight on your chest. She’s the one that’s always there to laugh with, to cry with, to rant to, and to be insanely stupid with.

To celebrate the bestie, here are the best chick flicks about friendships, perfect to watch with your very own bff.

1. Bridesmaids

5 Chick Flicks to Watch with Your Bestie

Annie is made the bride of honour for her best friend’s wedding. An obvious choice, of course. However, Annie starts to feel humiliated in comparison with another bridesmaid — the beautiful, rich, connected Helen. Helen shuts down all of Annie’s ideas and Annie increasingly starts to feel out shadowed. Her place as the best friend is being jeopardized.

This comical portrayal of the best-friend-title tension shows how catty girls can get and at the same time dear girl besties are. This chick flick will make you want to scream how much you love your bff as you hug and tear up out of uncontrollable laughter together.

2. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

5 Chick Flicks to Watch with Your Bestie


This chick flick gives you 4 best girl friends that are separated in the summertime, but at the same time, they’re connected by a single pair of magical pants. They’re magical because though each girl has a different body shape, they fit perfectly to each and somehow make their bodies look super good. They rotate the pants between the four of them throughout the summer and the movie. Each of them finds and struggles with love, friendship, and learn more about themselves.

Ok, it may sound super cheesy and weird, but it’s an absolutely amazing chick flick about friendship, confidence, and girl support. And pants.

3. Bride Wars

5 Chick Flicks to Watch with Your Bestie

With Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson in the same chick flick, can you go wrong? The characters they play have been friends since birth. Like the “typical” girl, they’ve been dreaming about their wedding day for years. Finally, they get engaged at the same time and can’t be happier. However, it turns out that their weddings are going to be on the same day and neither of them will compromise. Their wedding planning morphs into a stupidly funny (and slightly scary) war to sabotage the other’s wedding.

This is a chick flick about the worst fights between the best of friends, and will have you laughing your socks off.

4. Mama Mia!

5 Chick Flicks to Watch with Your Bestie


Though this particular chick flick is first a romantic comedy, it also portrays some of the best (and funniest) girl friendships. Donna, the mother, is a part of a trio of awkward, beautiful, and loving middle aged best friends. They were a singing girl group in their prime. Through the movie, they are there to support each other when the men mess things up and break hearts (of course).

After watching with your bestie, be prepared for the times one of you feels compelled to randomly burst into song.

5. Charlie’s Angels

5 Chick Flicks to Watch with Your Bestie


An old favourite and a classic, Charlie’s Angels is the epitome of girl power. 3 girl spies working together to save the world, battling men and evil. They’re beautiful, capable, and extremely clever. Watching this chick flick with your bestie will empower you both to reach out and do something incredible. Or take the classic back-to-back gun pointing selfie.

Either way, it’s a super fun girly movie.

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