5 Fashion Trends That Could Be Detrimental To Your Health

Comfort and fashion we often think to be mutually exclusive. And it’s definitely true that people will do some crazy things for fashion. But have you ever stopped to think about how your own everyday fashion choices may be affecting your health? Here are 5 fashion trends that you probably didn’t know were harmful to your health.

5 Harmful Fashion Trends to Avoid

Oh the waist belt. It’s perfect for cinching in a long sweater dress to give you more of a shape, for a bit of extra glam on a plain dress, or whenever really. We love waist belts. But, unfortunately, waist belts don’t love us.

You’ve heard that your stomach is the size of your two fists put together right? Well, that stomach expands naturally when you eat. Waist belts, however, restrict that. And then you can’t eat. And then your stomach hurts. So if your waist belt is too tight or too rigid, that can be harmful.

5 Harmful Fashion Trends to Avoid

We ladies love us a great big everything bag. You stuff your lipsticks, your pens, your notebook, tissues, extra socks, what have you all into this bag. And let’s not forget random receipts. It’s just so convenient. But, as I’m sure you’ve noted, it kind of hurts your shoulders.

Heavy bags give us a weird disproportionate weight imbalance. So the side you carry your huge bag on is (way) heavier. This gives way to neck and shoulder problems and spinal issues when your torso has to shift to accommodate the uneven weight. If that’s not harmful I don’t know what is.

5 Harmful Fashion Trends to Avoid

High-waisted jeans are a girl’s best friend. Muffin top? Food baby? No worries your bff has got your back (stomach). However, perhaps this friend is a bit too clingy. Harmfully clingy, even.

Similar to waist belts, these jeans mould your body into a shape that’s not necessarily natural, or exaggerates a different shape. Since they hold in your abdominal area, they’re also affecting the motility of your intestines (your poop cycle), and they’re often too tight, restricting the blood flow in your legs. High-waisted jeans have the harmful potential to mess your body up.

5 Harmful Fashion Trends to Avoid

Flip flops are so easy to just slip on, and in the summer we love to wear them all the time. Unfortunately they’re really actually harmful for your feet. They’re pancake flat and offer no support for your foot’s natural arch. In addition, since there’s only that thin strap between your toes holding your entire foot in, your toes have to strain to keep your foot in place.

5 Harmful Fashion Trends to Avoid

I know what you’re thinking: “I’m never giving up my heels!” They really are harmful, though (but you knew that). Wearing heels morphs your posture so that your body weight is mostly supported by the balls of your feet — your entire centre is shifted forward. That messes up the alignment of your spinal cord, which is pretty darn scary.

In addition, walking in heels is more abrupt and staccato, meaning the shock on your legs, particularly knees, is more heightened. Face the facts ladies: heels are harmful.

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