5 Foods that Make You Feel Full Longer

5 Foods that Make You Feel Full Longer

Just how good would it be if all the food we ate were delicious and healthy? What if all those healthy foods made us feel full for longer. They’d be no more hunger pangs and lower calories consumed during the day because you wouldn’t feel the need to keep filling yourself up with snacks. Sound too good to be true? Here are 5 foods that can help keep that full feeling for longer putting and end to picking between meals.

Greek Yogurt

A rich source of calcium and high in protein. Yogurt slows the digestion of carbohydrates in other foods that you are eating but Greek Yogurt is in comparison to regular natural yogurt is a more nutritionally dense form of protein due to the removal of the liquid whey, lactose and sugar. So gram for gram you pack more of a hunger busting punch with the Greek strained variety.
greek yogurt


Eat them soft boiled, hard-boiled, scrambled or poached. Eggs are incredibly rich in protein. They’re a perfect breakfast item with the addition of carbohydrate (whole grain bread, thins and suchlike). The protein and fat combination of eggs increases fullness-stimulating hormone levels and decreases the hunger signalling ones. Just 2 eggs per day can not only help lower your cholesterol but decreases your energy consumption meaning the need to overeat the rest of the day diminishes.


Soup out of a can is ok but what we’re talking about here is home made nutritious soup, made with fresh, wholesome natural ingredients. Canned soups inevitably contain much more salt so make you drink a lot more than normal. Homemade soup produced with vegetables, quinoa, and beans, with a high water content can not only fill you up but curbs your appetite. Quinoa being whole grain, high in protein, cholesterol free and low fat will not only fill your tummy, but won’t add too many calories to your diet.


Ok, they don’t sound very exciting but they are super nutritious, are faster to prepare than the majority of beans and don’t need the added hassle of being soaked over night. They are packed with fibre too so the combination of fibre and protein brings satisfaction with it in abundance. They’re also a brilliant source of iron and this super combo helps to keep your blood sugar more stable therefore, eliminating the need to snack in between meals like you would if you just grabbed a sugary snack bar.

Dark Chocolate

Now, here’s a pleasant surprise for those with a sweet tooth! Dark chocolate (those labeled 70% and over) has high amount of magnesium, potassium, copper, iron and antioxidants. Cravings for eating sweet, salty and fatty foods tend to fade once you’ve eaten a square as it’s rich and intense, raising the level of resveratrol in the brain, which then in turn boosts both endorphins and serotonin levels improving your mood. Moreover the monounsaturated fatty acids in dark chocolate (compared to milk) reduce the amount you eat. It’s a win, win situation!
5 Foods that Make You Feel Full Longer

But remember, other trying the above 5 foods if you’re hungry, always drink an adequate amount of water each day. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger so it’s always worth consuming a glass of water before you reach out to the fridge as you may find that’s all it is and don’t need to add any further calories to feel satisfied.

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  1. Having a like for soups, lentils and eggs, is great to know that these actually do make you feel fuller for longer, so thank you for this blog.


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