5 Free Dating Apps that Aren’t Tinder

5 free dating apps that aren't tinder

Is Tinder too mainstream for you? Not into the whole superficial aspect of judging people based on pictures? Online dating is huge now, especially now that smartphone apps make it so convenient to meet so many people. Here are some dating apps you might want to check out, that hopefully don’t have as many creeps or people just there for sex.

1. Hinge

5 free dating apps that aren't tinder



“It’s like meeting someone at a dinner party,” is the approach the dating app Hinge takes. Hinge uses your Facebook friend’s list and creates matches from your extended social circles. It takes into account your mutual friends, workplaces, etc. So every profile you see is a validated account (no trolls). They also personalize your introductions, which is pretty cool, telling you who this person is and who your mutual friends are.

Also, though the app uses your Facebook information, it doesn’t post. Phew.

2. Elimi

5 free dating apps that aren't tinder


Elimi is another dating app that presents a more unique take in the field. The theme of the app is based on how “flirting is a game”. Basically, if you’re a girl, you start an open game with a question or a task. Guys will answer or respond to your game, with the opportunity to show off themselves. The girl eliminate one guy each round until there’s only one guy left. Then the winner gets to connect with the girl and they can chat.

Really makes us girls feel special, huh? The guys are literally working for the chance to know you.

3. Coffee Meets Bagel

5 free dating apps that aren't tinder



This dating app matches you with one person per day at noon (a.k.a. lunch break). The so called fish in the sea are called “bagels” (it was made and launched in New York, so go figure). It’s geared for busy people and meant to take the stress and work out of searching through profiles. The profile you’re presented with, you can choose to like or pass. If both of you like, then you get connected.

The idea is to give working professionals something fun to look forward to or anticipate each day. Cool idea! 


4. How About We…

5 free dating apps that aren't tinder



How About We… is marketed as the “offline app”. Basically, you’re connecting on the app, but doing most of your interaction in person. Each person posts an idea for a date. It could be “How about we… go to an art gallery,” or “How about we… get some hot chocolate together.” If you’re interested in the other person’s date idea, you can connect.

It’s a dating app that takes the guess work out of deciding what to do.

5. Tastebuds

5 free dating apps that aren't tinder



This dating app is truly unique in that it connects you to people through the music on your phone. You can scan your iPhone library with the app or manually add your favourite bands and artists. The app searches for people nearby that match you based on musical taste. To create a connection, you can send someone a song. Unique, right?

Like most other dating apps, Tastebuds has its own standard messaging platform too. So if taste in music is something you want to share with your partner, this is the dating app for you.

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