Because gift giving isn’t just for guys to girls. In this modern day and age, we should all be giving out gifts instead of it being so one-sided! Anniversaries should be celebrated with the right kind of gifts.

Did you know that there are certain themes for each year of your wedding anniversary? Detailed below, are the specific themes for each year for the first year of your anniversary. You’d probably heard of your Golden 50 or your Diamond 75, but each year actually has its own theme! Stick to this theme for a cute and traditional way of gift giving. Here are some cute ideas for the girls to give to the guys in the same theme.

Year 1: Paper

1st year vows

This won’t be a flashy anniversary as the other ones coming up. With the theme of paper, try to aim for something simple and meaningful. A book of vows for both of you will remember the night you two officially became a couple.

Year 2: Cotton

2nd year cotton jacket

The second year will be a little more fancy, and a bit less creative. The theme is cotton, so you’ll have to be considerate when thinking of what your hubby wears. A great gift idea is a cotton jacket or cotton suit. They can be a bit more costly, but it’s cute for the winter weather.

Year 3: Leather

3rd year cotton leather

A leather briefcase will be practical and resourceful. If he doesn’t have one already, get him one for work — and make sure that it’s big enough that it will hold his laptop and his papers. Leather wears down during the years but it never breaks.

Year 4: Flowers

4th year flowers

A kind of a girly year isn’t it? If you’re struggling to come up with something flowery for your husband, then stick it to this idea: get him cologne! Most scents are made from flowery scents and it’s something that you can give him to constantly remind him of you. Scents create the strongest attraction — so pick something both you and him would like.

Year 5: Wood

5th year wood

This is an easy one, but be unique. Yes, you can easily get him a wooden table or a wooden frame — but that doesn’t stand out, does it? A creative idea for a wood gift is a bow and arrow! Take his finesse┬áto the test and see how much power he can muster. It’s a great workout, super fun, and can be a fun hobby start working on┬átogether. Cupid won’t be the only one to shoot an arrow this year. (cliche, we know)

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