5 Great Fitness Electronics

5 Great Fitness Electronics

Today you ran about 5 km (you think?), yesterday you ran about 3km, and the day before, maybe about 2km? How exactly do you know when you’re out and about jogging? You can’t exactly bring a tape measure with you and trail it behind where ever you go. Nor can you count your strides and then compare it to the width. That’s just widely inaccurate. Sure you can map it out on Google Maps and kind of see the distance you’ll be running, but what if there’s a roadblock and your path changes?

This is where the world of fitness electronic trackers come in. They play their part by keeping track of your exercise progress while you sit back – okay no, you jog – and do what you gotta do.

5 Great Fitness ElectronicsIf you’re into aquatics and like doing things like swimming, canoing, and dragon boating, there must be something for you to use too right? Absolutely. One of our favorite waterproof fitness electronics is FitBit’s Flex. This wrist band wirelessly syncs to your devices to provide you with info about your sleeping patterns, your heart rate, calories you’ve burned and the distance you’ve traveled.

The website even says that you can live your life with the wristband on and never have to worry about taking it off. This even includes the shower. Why don’t we just start installing small micro chips into us that do this instead of having a chunky bracelet that we never take off? Who knows, maybe that’s what the future has in store for us. But in the mean time we’re loving how the Flex doesn’t affect your everyday life and lets you do everything you want seamlessly.

With 10 different colors, you’re sure to find a wristband that matches your style and wardrobe.

5 Great Fitness Electronics

Sometimes our old routines become, well, routine. Our bodies react the best to exercise when it’s constantly changing. When we do the same workout over and over, our body adapts to it to uses less calories the next time around. N+ TC Nike Training Club provides quick and easy workouts that leave you breathless by the end of them. You can even customize the workouts to target a specific muscle group or style of workout that you want.

It also helps that some of the Victoria’s Secret models endorse the app (Karlie Kloss) and prove to us that they train to maintain their bodies too. If their results don’t affirm the app’s success than I don’t know what will. Try it for yourself to see the results. It’s free, quick to download and doesn’t take much space on your phone.

5 Great Fitness Electronics

Wristbands may not be everybody’s thing. I don’t personally like having extra things dangling from me when I’m running as it causes strange chaffing patterns. Luckily for us picky ones, Nike has created the Nike+ Sensor. Unfortunately for you that’s not where the products end. In order to use the Nike+ Sensor, you’re going to have to purchase a pair of Nike+ ready shoes that can take the sensor. After that, you’ll either need an iPhone or a Nike+ tracking device for the information to be transported to and displayed.

All you have to do with this little gadget is to slip it into the sock liner of the Nike+ Shoe and you’re ready to go. It’ll be able to track your distance, pace, elapsed time, map your runs and even calculate how many calories that you’ve burned. This completely takes the guess work out of a regular run or doing all of the calculation on your own!

5 Great Fitness Electronics

We get that not everyone does cardio and doesn’t need all of the fanciness of the electronics that we just mentioned. So if you lift weights but you’re interested in keeping track of your heart rate then the Samsung Gear Fit may be the right fit (haha get it) for you. The wristband is curved to fit your wrist and is heavy duty enough to repel your sweat. You won’t have to worry about drenching the wirstband once your heart rate is high enough to get you sweating hot and heavy.

If you’re worried about missing out on important phone calls and e-mails (your workout time really should be your private time), you can sync this wrist band to your Samsung phone so that your emails and calls are displayed on the face.

5 Great Fitness Electronics

The last thing that you want when you’re busy getting your endorphins on is a tangled mess of headphones. No, not at the bottom of your bag when you’re searching for them, but in your hands, dangling down your neck, or worse on the floor getting trampled. Which is the reason why hands free headphones are the best.

The JayBird BlueBuds X headphones easily wrap around your head and stream your music wirelessly from a phone or any other device that supports it. The simplicity of the bluetooth streaming makes working out easier than ever. The only down fall is the fact that you’ll still have to press the buttons in order to skip through your tracks, but that’s on you. If you can put together a killer playlist then that’ll be the least of your worries.

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