5 Music Festival Faux-Pas

wakestock-raversMusic festivals are filled with illegal substances, overly drunk people, and lots of sweaty bodies. Picking what to wear for this special occasion can be difficult. But what’s not difficult is avoiding these 5 music festival faux-pas in order to save yourself both from looking ridiculous and having a terrible time.

1. A romper.

romperYes your romper is cute, but do you really want to be stumbling around in a porta-potty struggling to take it off, all while trying not to fall into the mysterious puddles of liquids around you?

Alternative: Anything other than a romper. Just not a jumpsuit, onesie or anything else that requires getting completely naked to pee.

2. A bindi.

Two words: cultural appropriation. Wearing a bindi to a music festival will demean its value as a cultural symbol and its religious significance. Do you really want to be that girl?

Alternative: No bindis does not mean no face decal, buy some stickers and have fun with them. Your skin is your own canvas.

3. A Native headdress

How many times have you heard this one before? Not only does it promote stereotyping of the Native culture but it also minimalizes the importance and symbolism of what the Native headdress actually resembles.

Alternative: Go for the basic bitch flower wreath, or any other hair pieces and jewelry headpieces that won’t make you look like a culturally insensitive prick.

4. Heels/flipflops

Why anyone would wear heels boggles my mind, but unfortunately it happens. Say hello to feet begging you to sit for the most part of your day and having your heels stuck in mud and grass hoping they don’t snap off. Flip flops seem like a great idea until you step into the porta-potty excretion on the floor and you’re bustling about in the mud. Also, having your toes smashed by everyone’s ecstatic jumping isn’t the best way to enjoy the show.

Alternative: Sneakers and boots are always a go to as they’re comfortable and easy to clean (not to mention you won’t have to worry about losing a sandal).

5. Tights/Leggings

leggingsComfy? Yes. Hot? Most definitely. It’s very likely that you are going to feel like you’re melting into your leggings by the time you walk into the crowd and there’s nothing worse than having a swampy vag while sweat stains start appearing underneath your butt cheeks.

Alternative: Find a comfortable pair of shorts so you can move your body while not having to worry about your pants sticking to your skin like a tattoo.

Tell Us:

What outrageous articles of clothing have you seen at music festivals?

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