5 New Year’s Resolutions You Need To Follow In 2015

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The New Year’s Resolution List

(What’s on your list?)

It’s that time of year, sexy mommies – it’s time to make a New Year’s Resolution list (NYRL) and let’s make sure we stick to it this year. By making this list we stay disciplined and committed to the words on the list. This is serious!

The NYRL, if followed and done correctly, will and should help us achieve the resolutions. How many years have we made the NYRL albeit without success? How many times have we given up on our resolutions by the end of January? Perhaps, is our list overwhelmingly big? Too many resolutions? Or is it that we aim too high for the New Year? Let’s take a deep breath, stay grounded and focus on what we really wish to change, accomplish, improve, attract and re-evaluate this year. Focus. Let it be true to you.

These are the areas in which most of us make resolutions in: self, home, family, career and friends. Perhaps you wish to make a New Year’s resolution in all areas of your life or you would like to focus on one area. Nonetheless, make the resolutions realistic and achievable. When resolutions are do-able we are more likely to stick to them throughout the entire year.

Let’s get motivated, make the best NYRL and make this our best year yet: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

2015 Here I come

1. The Self-ie Resolution

Everyone wants to improve the self, to grow, to change for the better. Wanting to improve on yourself is a great resolution. Embrace yourself and love yourself. Change happens from within. Are you tackling body weight or personality traits, self-esteem or physical attributes? If you’re looking to make resolutions in the New Year you need to get motivated and go full force towards the change you wish to see in yourself. If you’re not happy about something, change it! Girlfriends, we can do it.

2. The Home Resolution

Are you aiming towards a clutter-free home? Spend some time examining how you acquire clutter and then begin to de-clutter. Wishing to add more vibrant colours and plants? Do what will make you happy. Organize your living space, add flowers and new colours. Make it represent your lifestyle.

3. The Family Resolution

The Family Resolution

We all want to be better. Better mothers and better wives. We know that family comes first and that we need to water the grass in order for it to be greener. Be honest with yourself and admit that you are not perfect. Perfection is unrealistic. We are humans who make mistakes through which we learn and grow into better human beings. If we feel that we need to be more assertive mothers then let’s go ahead and include that on our NYRL.

4. The Career Resolution

Are you doing what you love? If yes, skip to resolution #5. If you answered “Not so much!” then keep reading. Are you happy with your career choices? Change may be a bit difficult at first and hard to adjust to but in the end it’s all worth it. If your career/job does not drive you maybe it’s time to change it or maybe it’s not your soul purpose. Figure out what it is you love to do and let it motivate you!

5. The Friends Resolution

The Friends Resolution

Friends have the power to make us genuinely happy, of course happiness depends on ourselves first, but with the right type of friends our life is that much more amazing. We can only benefit when we are surrounded by driven, motivated, inspiring, compassionate and caring friends. They will help us grow and support us throughout the way. It all comes down to happiness. Select the friends who make you laugh!The New Year’s resolution list has the power to make our lives change. Think of it as a vision board. Whatever it is that you decide to change will change. Go ahead, jot a couple of resolutions down for the New Year and allow yourself time and courage to see them forth!

Good luck and happy new year!

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