5 Of The Creepiest & Strangest Unsolved Murder Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries - These Aren't Your Basic Campfire Stories

Everyone loves a good campfire story, and sometimes the best ones are the ones that go unsolved. But when these stories are more than just fiction… that’s where things get really scary. Make sure to read these with the lights on, because who knows what will happen as soon as you turn them off.

1. The Girl Found In The Water Tank

Elisa Lam was reported missing from her home town of Vancouver and then her body was found in the rooftop water tank of Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. Her body was only found after hotel guests complained that the hotel water had a foul taste and color.

What’s weird is the fact that before she dies, there’s a 4 minute video clip of her acting strange inside of an elevator. When an autopsy was performed, no traces of drugs or alcohol were found in her system at all. So what prompted her strange motions? Further more, what caused her death?

2. The Alphabet Murders

Unsolved Mysteries - These Aren't Your Basic Campfire Stories

In the 1970s, a series of young girls, all with alliterations for their initials were brutally murdered. Aptly dubbed as the Alphabet Murders, many people were brought in for questioning, although no one person was ever convicted as the killer. Want to know something creepier? Each of the girls’ bodies were found in a town with the same first initial as their name (Carmen Colon in Churchville, Wanda Walkowicz in Webster and Michelle Maenza in Macedon).

3. The February 9th Murderer

Unsolved Mysteries - These Aren't Your Basic Campfire Stories

Two deaths, two years apart (2006 and 2008) on February 9th on the dot, were linked in Salt Lake City. In both situations, hispanic women who were alone in their apartments were attacked and murdered. Although the murders were a whole year apart, the same victim type as well as the same date linked the two crimes together as the Feb 9th Murderer. The DNA evidence collected from both crime scenes also tested out to be the same attacker. Although there has yet to be an arrest for the crimes, officials seem to think that they have an idea as to who the killer may be.

4. The Zodiac Killer

Unsolved Mysteries - These Aren't Your Basic Campfire Stories

As serial killers go, most want to be able to get away with as many murders as possible without being found out. The Zodiac Killer on the other hand, seemed to relish in the fact that authorities couldn’t determine who he was and resorted to taunting them with cryptograms. Out of the 4 that he sent, only 1 has ever been solved. Of the 37 victims which he claims to have murdered, authorities have only ever confirmed 7. According to the cryptic messages that he sent out, if cracked, they would reveal his identity. Unfortunately for us, the individual has still evaded the authorities.

5. The Axeman

Unsolved Mysteries - These Aren't Your Basic Campfire Stories

For almost a year and a half, a mysterious axeman rampaged through New Orleans and attacked 12 people. What tied all of the attacks together was that he would hack his victims with an axe, and all were owned by the victims themselves. The majority of them were of Italian-American descent, leading authorities to believe that it was a spree of hate crimes.  He offered the general public a weird way of avoiding becoming victims if they played jazz music in their homes. But just as suddenly as he appeared, he just as suddenly disappeared. To this day, he has yet to be found.

[quote_center]Will these unsolved mysteries ever be solved?[/quote_center]

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