5 Scents that Affect Your Mood

5 Scents that Affect Your Mood

Scents can be really powerful on the state of your mind and your mood. Smells can elicit nostalgia and memories, and bring you back to the place or time you that you unconsciously associate with that scent. Just so you don’t underestimate the power of your nose, here is a list of common scents used in aromatherapy.

For Productivity:

5 Scents that Affect Your Mood

Believe it or not, the delicate scent of the jasmine flower increases productivity and concentration. Jasmine stimulates something called beta rhythms in the brain, which are typically active when your brain is actively thinking or engaged. Jasmine is going to prolong your attention span during lecture and make concentration easier.

So next time you’re prepping for a presentation or going into an exam, spray some jasmine perfume or sip some jasmine tea! The scent will switch your brain onto active, engaged, get-things-done mode.

For Relaxation:

5 Scents that Affect Your Mood

Lavender is legendary for its relaxation properties, and its benefits have already been recognized and exploited (in a really good way!). It’s in a million “helps-you-relax” and “sleepy-time” candles, body lotions, and soaps. The scent of this flower makes you calm, decreases anxiety, and lowers stress. And it’s a really pretty colour.

If you have trouble sleeping, placing a sprig of lavender under your pillow tonight might just do the trick!

For Appetite Suppression:

5 Scents that Affect Your Mood

If you’re a binge eater (chocolate, am I right), an emotional eater, or someone who just can’t resist food (who can, let’s be real), peppermint may be your solution. The scent of peppermint acts as an appetite suppresser. Try taking some peppermint tea after your meal to suppress your sweet tooth, or dabbing peppermint essential oils on your wrists as perfume. Not only will you smell wonderfully fresh, but you’ll eat less too.

The secret to losing weight without ever going to the gym might just be the scent of peppermint.

For Revitalization:

5 Scents that Affect Your Mood

The sharp, sour, and fresh scent of citrus fruits (lemons, grapefruits, limes, etc.) will energize and revitalize you. In the morning, citrus cleansers and soaps do wonders for waking you up. Scents like lemon are both refreshing and stimulating for your soul.

On days when you’re feeling lazy, idle, or tired, cut open a lemon and have a glass of lemon water! You’ll be up and running in no time.

For Happiness:


Does the scent of pork chops make you really, really happy? It may be due to the scent of the herb rosemary.

Rosemary is usually used in cooking, but also in aromatherapy for its ability to uplift spirits. Its scent has the heavenly power to ease sorrow and grief. It’s a very woodsy, earthy, and nature-y scent, and connects the mind to our natural environment, which lends the ability to promote joy. You can actually find rosemary in the mid and base notes of a bunch of perfumes — but it’s not immediately noticeable.

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  1. I didn’t realize that smells could affect my mood. It’s really cool that jasmine can actually increase concentration and productivity! It sounds like I should get that put up at my work place, so I can do a better job.


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