5 Strange Things To Ship To People & Waste Your Money On

5 Strange Things To Ship To People & Waste Your Money On

Some of us are struggling to make ends meet and go way out of our way to find deals in order to stretch out our last dollar. Others, just have way to much to spend and really need an outlet to pour their extra cash into. If you’re in the same boat as the latter, then luckily for you, there are many places on the internet to loosely spend your money for your own entertainment.


By now, you’ve probably all heard about the website Ship Your Enemies Glitter – where you can send your enemies the herpes of the craft world (glitter). Quite easily one of the most infuriating things that you’ll ever have to clean up if you opened an envelope full of glitter, you know that not only will you get long term results, but the people who you ship it too will be pissed for sure.

Although this video isn’t quite the same thing (not from that site), but you get the reaction that would occur if you shipped this to someone that you hate. It’s oddly satisfying isn’t it?


But for some fun for a friend who lives in a climate that’s warm all year round, you can send them snow! Yes, it may be a bit of a mess at first, but it takes care of itself by melting away afterwards. Not only does it melt, but it also evaporates too! Who wouldn’t love a mess that cleans itself up!

Ship Snow Yo

A Bag Of Dicks

Ever wanted to tell anyone to eat a bag of dicks and really wished that they would actually truly eat a bag of dicks? Well now you can. On the train of a whole new series of sites that allow you to ship odd and quirky things to either your best friends or enemy is Dicks By Mail. Not to worry, no real dicks are harmed in the process of your purchase. Better yet, you’ll actually be able to enjoy the dicks – they’re jelly ones. So the joke itself isn’t quite that crass. But to really drive the message home, the package will also come with a large printout saying “EAT A BAG OF DICKS”.

10 Strange Things To Ship To People & Waste Your Money On



If you missed out on Cards Against Humanity’s offer of shipping out bullshit to you over Christmas time, then PoopSenders will let you live out that fantasy. Although PoopSender’s isn’t as economical as CAH’s $6 pieces of scat, you can actually pick from a variety of different sources that your poop can come from. Maybe you’d rather some elephant scat that’s nice and luscious, or some gorilla poop in some beautiful pellets. Either way, you’ll have more options, so the price is justified.

10 Strange Things To Ship To People & Waste Your Money On



If you’re more interested in fooling your friends into thinking that you actually love them, you can ship them nothing. Literally nothing. Nope, you’re not just going to not send them anything. You’re going to ship them a giant empty box of emptiness that’ll have them wondering if you meant to do that purposely or if you forgot to put something into their parcel.

10 Strange Things To Ship To People & Waste Your Money On

And what’s better, you can also customize the level of confusion that you want to cause by varying the size of packaging being sent. You can even prolong the confusion by adding packing peanuts to the order to have your friend digging around inside of the package for an extended period of time.

And if you want to even take it to the next step, leave it the sender information unaddressed so that they’ll never know who it came from while you idly sit by laughing to yourself inside over their frustration of an empty package.

What’s the strangest thing that you’ve ever sent to anyone?

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