5 Stylish Winter Boots (That Are Secretly Waterproof)

Winter means snow (most of the time). And snow means it’s time to pack up your pretty shoes and whip out your heavy duty snow boots. But we’re women now, and sometimes the conventional winter boot (like the ones we wore as school kids) can seriously cramp your style.

If you think all winter boots are shiny, puffy, and bulky, you’re going to be nicely surprised. For the days you want to look a little more put together, here are some great winter boot brands to check out:

1. Blondo

5 Stylish Winter Boots (That Are Secretly Waterproof)

Blondo Vaughan

Didn’t think you’d see leopard print on this list, did you? Edgy, textured, modern, and waterproof. They are short booties, so you don’t want to be wearing these in a snow storm (but if you did, you can bet your feet would be completely dry). These are perfect for the beginning of winter, when the mild snow is still kind of pretty. Blondo does make other waterproof winter boots though, so be sure to check them out.

2. La Canadienne

5 Stylish Winter Boots (That Are Secretly Waterproof)

La Canadienne Starr


This is suede. Yes. Feel free to bask.

La Canadienne is a Canadian brand — meaning these winter boots are fit for the harshest of winter weathers. They’ve transformed the finicky, elusive favourite material — suede — into winter appropriate boots. These over-the-knee boots are super on trend and stylish. Sophisticated, simple, classic and absolutely perfectly practical for snow.  

3. Artica

5 Stylish Winter Boots (That Are Secretly Waterproof)

Artica 6148512


Artica makes completely waterproof shoes and winter boots, perfect for winter weather. From knee highs to ankle boots, your feet (and your eyes) will thank you. These leather boots are fleece lined (to keep your toes cozy) and rubber soled (to keep you from slipping all over the place). They’re winter boots that don’t look remotely puffy or reminiscent of your childhood. A great stylish and practical option for this winter.

4. Cole Hann

5 Stylish Winter Boots (That Are Secretly Waterproof)

Cole Hann Huntley Tall Waterproof Boot

Cole Hann, besides making high-end clothes and bags, also makes a variety of waterproof winter boots and shoes. These every day riding boots are secretly lined with flannel on the inside, and are lined with leather on the outside. They’re warm, stylish, and secretly sensible.These are your typical must-have black boots, but water and winter proof.

5. Timberland

5 Stylish Winter Boots (That Are Secretly Waterproof)

Timberland Strat Ankle Boots

Timberland is a trusted brand for heavy duty industrial boots. Popular with men. But these winter boots are undoubtably feminine and very practical. For those fancy days when you want to wear a heel, and think that you can’t because the weather sucks, this is the boot to reach for. If you look very closely (as in other people would never notice while you’re wearing them) you’ll see strong rubber traction on the bottom of the shoe. And you couldn’t tell they were 100% waterproof, could you?

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