5 Things to Do with Browning Bananas

5 Things to Do with Browning Bananas

5 Things to Do with Browning Bananas
We all find ourselves in this position at some point: You’re at the store and buy a hand of bananas with every intention to eat them up with your morning eggs. But as the days pass, they become more and more unappetizing. Let’s just be honest here, browning mushy fruit is kind of gross. If it was a brown mushy apple, it would be in the trash before you could finish saying, “Eeeeeewwww”!

But don’t let those brown bananas get you down. And don’t throw them out! Did you know America wastes 40% of its food? That’s 20 pounds of food waste per person per month! Yeah, that’s kind of a big deal.

Here are five fun, easy, and delicious things to do with your browning bananas.

1. Freeze them!

This is the first and easiest thing to do once you see your bananas browning because you can use them for just about anything! Simply slice them up in ¼” slices, place in a container, and pop in your freezer! Done!
5 Things to Do with Browning Bananas

2. Smoothies

Use those bananas in a delicious and healthy smoothie. You could use the frozen ones (see #1), too. Actually, you should use the frozen bananas because it will help chill the smoothie without having to add too much extra ice.
5 Things to Do with Browning Bananas

3. Banana Bread

There’s nothing like the aroma of a classic banana bread baking in your oven. Having this recipe in your arsenal is a must as a home cook!
5 Things to Do with Browning Bananas

4. Banana Streusel Muffins

What’s that? You’re tired of banana bread? Then you need to try this amazing variation: Banana Streusel Muffins.
5 Things to Do with Browning Bananas

5. Banana Royale

A version of banana pudding pie, but super easy and even more tasty! This recipe will use up at least three of those bad boys of the banana world. This dessert is so delicious and is even better the next day… if it lasts that long. You’re welcome!
5 Things to Do with Browning Bananas

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  1. Love this article! Thank you fit sharing your ideas and I will definitely be baking with your recipes!! Question – how long do you think bananas keep in the freezer? You know, I ask because I have been freezing my bananas, but I forget about them! Curious tobhearvyour feedback!? Thanks so much!

    • Great question! Fruits and veggies can be frozen for 8-12 months. An easy way to preserve any frozen food is to use freezer bags with the air removed. (I used to think freezer bags were a marketing thing but they actually are better!) If you don’t have a food saver device to pull out the air of your frozen food items then try this trick: close your ziplock baggie except for a small bit, insert a straw and suck the rest of the air out, sealing the rest of the bag quickly as you pull out the straw.

  2. I wish I read this article a few days ago before I tossed out a few brown bananas! Wonderful ideas! I am going to try them out.


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