5 Tips for a More Stylish Bedroom


Stylish Bedroom

Have a date coming over or some friends you want to impress with your sense of style? Cue panic mode because your bedroom is a complete freaking mess. Whoa lady, remove the yellow tape because there are simple changes you can make to maintain a stylish bedroom to be proud of.

1. Get a new rack

No perverts, I’m not suggesting breast implants. I’m suggesting a multi-functional clothing rack that would display your wardrobes most prized possessions. Hang up purses at the ends of the rod or drape scarves on a hanger. It’s a convenient way to grab your go-to pieces when you’re in a rush or play dress up when you’re bored. The important thing is it looks really chic and perfect for smaller spaces.

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2. Declutter your jewelry

Do you have a huge box where you dump your bracelets and necklaces? If it’s giving you an eye sore, it’s time to reconsider the placement of your bling. Try the good ol’ wine bottle to stack up your armcandy or random tall structures around the house! You can also head to the kitchen to find some abandoned mismatched dishes and sort your thin chains from your chunky statement pieces. It makes your jewelry more accessible and tidies up the space instantly.

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3. Share your inspirations

The perfect way to spice up your bedroom’s bald spot is to hang up a collage of all your favourite bits and pieces that don’t necessarily have an allotted place. You can finally put up your EDM wristband to remind you of last year’s crazy raving and that perfect picture of you lounging by the pool. Seriously, all you need is a cork board, some thumbtacks and creativity.

Stylish Bedroom, inspiration board, inspoboard, corkboard, collage, magazine collage

4. Muck up the makeup

If you’re like me, your make up isn’t neatly tucked away but scattered in every nook and cranny. I finally took the initiative to organize my gunk and I’m telling you it makes a huge difference. Pop your brushes into a glass cup, wipe the excess glitter away, and line up your everyday shadows in a neat row. Everything else can be stored in your makeup kit for those special occasions and voilà, your vanity desk is looking solid.

Stylish Bedroom, makeup brushes, makeup brush container, clean up makeup

5. Say bye to Mr. Snuggles

Ok, I’m not advising you to chuck your stuffed teddy into the trash but if you’ve got a baby pink mountain on the bed, they gotta find a new home. During the day, they can chill up on a shelf or in your closet so they don’t give off a kiddish vibe. Later at night, they can come out to play in your awaiting arms. Making this little change will give your room a more “grown-up” appearance without the major fluff sacrifice.

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Your bedroom is your very own haven. Give it some TLC and it will send you back good vibes.

So tell us…

How do you keep your room tidy?



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