5 Ways to Maximize Your Workspace with Design & Grind

5 Ways to Maximize Your Workspace with Design & Grind

5 Ways to Maximize Your Workplace with Design & Grind

De-clutter and become organized to clear the way for higher productivity in your home or at work. Take a few minutes to complete this checklist and I promise you’ll save a lot of time in the long haul!

1. Get Rid of Garbage

You’ll be amazed by how much workspace you actually have when you throw away your garbage. Get rid of empty pends and recycle scrap paper. A clean desk also leads to a clean and organized mind. Remember that your mental state affects your productivity!

5 Ways to Maximize Your Workplace with Design & Grind

2. Clear Distractions

Re-evaluate your belongings. Do you really need this item? Does it belong in a work environment? Souvenirs and decorations rae cute, but they’re also very distracting. Remember in #1 that, getting rid of distractions will help you focus better!

5 Ways to Maximize Your Workplace with Design & Grind

3. Personalize Your Workspace

The key to personalizing your workspace is to keep it simple! A great way to add personality to your space without distracting yourself is through prety stationary or wall art!

5 Ways to Maximize Your Workplace with Design & Grind

4. Go Wireless

Cables and cords take up a lot of necessary space. Untangling them is even worse! Tame the mess by getting a cable organizer. This will keep your workplace clutter free and things won’t get tangled in between your cords.

5. Keep it Tidy

Chances are, you probably vowed to keep your workspace clean in the past. A good way of doing so is to have a designated place for everything. For example, a drawer for paper and another for electronics. At the end of the day, do a quick sweep so you’ll have a clean canvas to work on tomorrow! If you clean things up right away, you won’t have a larger mess to clean up later!

5 Ways to Maximize Your Workplace with Design & Grind

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  1. I like my work place well organized! That way, it makes finding things so much easier. I would have a rack to organize my school work, notebooks, folders, etc, a box to hold all my extra pens and pencils, a desk with shelves to put my other essentials so they’re not all clutter on my desk.

  2. I definitely find that its easier to concentrate and stay motivated when my workspace is clean. I use a planner and try to organize, categorize, and sort whenever possible.

  3. I’m guilty of leaving my clutter then binge cleaning days later ^^;
    Great idea to clean at the end of each night, even if it’s not everything

  4. Thank you for these tips! I’m staring at my fully cluttered desk right now and reading this article has just reminded me to FINALLY clean it 🙂

  5. I should try all of these tips…there is way too much unneeded stuff on my table causing me to always loose things!

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    • Article très intéressant, mais j’avoue être sceptique. Je veux dire, àt trop encourager cette dilution du livre numérique dans le web, ne va-t-on pas avoir le même phénomène que les blogs ? C’est à dire une infinité telle que ça frôle l’introuvable…

  6. Thanks for these awesome tips! I am in need of some help at the moment as my room is quite cluttered. I personally like having designated areas for everything, this way I know where everything is stored. I recommend getting desks with drawers because the room won’t look as cluttered and will save you the time of wiping the dust off everything. A clean space definitely motivates you to do your work.

  7. I’ve actually been doing those tips and it works. What I did was putting everything in the drawer with compartments in it. Everything seems spacious, it saves time and heightens up the mood:))

  8. I get organized by using an agenda and writing down what I need to do each day! That way I don’t forget to do anything or miss anything.

  9. I definitely need to do a whole clean up of my desk area/bookshelf. I should definitely look into buying a cable organizer though. Thanks for all the great tips!

  10. The first and second tip are what I love doing the most. I LOVE clearing things up and getting rid of things that are no longer needed, whether it be at my desk, my makeup collection, or in my closet. I find that simplifying things and keeping everything just to the basics makes me happier and more efficient in general!

  11. getting organized is KEY!!! can’t live without my planner 🙂
    plus, cluttered desks are not my forte so i tend to have a massive clean out once a week just to get rid of things I don’t want 🙂
    a clean working space makes me a happy camper 🙂


  12. I have a really big thing for organized desks and workspace. I’m so OCD with having everything labelled, filed and organized often. Having everything all neat and clean really makes for a brighter mood and positive attitude when approaching work!

  13. Every weekend, I would assign myself a certain place in my room to clean. One weekend, I would focus on organizing my closet. Another weekend, I would organize my work space. That way, I won’t have to spend hours upon hours cleaning my room!

  14. Organizing my workspace is honestly such a stress reliever too.. thank you for sharing some awesome tips! Making mental notes for next time! 🙂


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