5 Ways Reading Improves Your Life

5 Ways Reading Improves your life

I’ve never really understood why some (a lot of) people don’t like to read. You can find so much within the pages of a novel and extracting all of that is incredibly rewarding. I strongly believe that reading improves my quality of life — but that’s because I love doing it. But check this out: here are some other ways that reading can improve your life too (a.k.a. this is why you should pick up a book right now!).

1. You’re able to experience another life

5 Ways Reading Improves your life

Did you ever want to be a princess when you were younger (or if you’re like me, um, still)? A flapper in the 20s? A super secret butt-kicking government spy? Or maybe just experience your teen years again? Well look no further because your solution is novels. Books transport you to another world. You’re basically living life through the characters, through people in circumstances other than your own.

Ever wondered what it’d be like to be a Jew hiding from the Nazi’s? Read the Diary of a Young Girl. Somebody with Down syndrome? Read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Reading gives you that opportunity.

2. It raises your EQ and empathy

E.Q. is emotional intelligence. It’s how well you’re able to understand and interpret what other people are feeling (super important for avoiding awkwardness!). When you read, you’re living in the persona of the main character. You’re reading and feeling their thoughts — you’re seeing things from their perspective. When the narrator is outlining and reasoning the motivations for every action the main character does, you’re understanding why this person is acting this way in this situation.

As for empathy, that’s putting yourself in another’s shoes and, again, understanding their emotions. Reading makes you better at connecting with other people, because the more characters you read, the more personalities you’re getting to know!

3. Reading is the best education

If you’re reading a book that takes place in China, you’re going to learn about China. You’re going to learn about the customs, the landscapes, the way people live. If the setting takes place in medieval Europe, same thing. You get to know the insides and outs of different social classes, different parts of the world, and different people. And it’s all organic learning.

And ok, vocab though, it’s a big one. I mean, A Series of Unfortunate Events? I owe Lemony Snicket everything. He literally pumps out big word after big word, explains it, and then uses it constantly. And while not all novels will be as explicit as Mr. Snicket, you’ll generally be able to deduce meanings of words you don’t know by the context.

5 Ways Reading Improves your life

4. You’ll become a better conversationalist

Now that you’re a more worldly person, there is such a wider range of topics that you can chat to someone about. You just know that much more. And books are a great conversation starter too! Favourite authors (hated authors), favourite books, favourite genres, different writing styles (Virginia Woolf, I’m looking at you) — the list goes on.

And what a great way to use that vocab, huh? Reading improves your conversation skills.

5. It’s a stress reducer

5 Ways Reading Improves your life

Forgetting about your own life and immerse yourself in other person’s worries? Yes, please. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to switch my studying stresses to embrace this girl’s “which-out-of-the-many-suitors-do-I-choose?” stresses.

And just imagine reading for a second. You’re sitting down comfortably, and staying sat down for a good while (sounds good already, am I right). You’re quieting yourself down, and going to a physically quiet environment. And then you get lost in somebody else’s story. Reading improves your life by blowing stress away.

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